Efficiency is the buzz word for new Ipswich Town managing directors

Ian Milne

Ian Milne - Credit: Archant

NEW Ipswich Town managing directors Jonathan Symonds and Ian Milne are still getting their feet under the table at Portman Road following Simon Clegg’s departure from his role as chief executive. The duo – who are close confidantes of owner Marcus Evans – wrote the following column for Tuesday night’s match programme.

“Ever since we became directors of this club five years ago, and even more so now we have stepped into our new shoes, we have given much thought to the aim of a professional football club.

“Of course, consistently winning matches, getting promoted and lifting trophies springs immediately to mind. But we want to achieve more than that.

“We want to entertain, provide a great day out for all supporters young and old, promote participation in sport generally and especially in football at all levels. “We want the club to play a noteworthy role in its community, assisting local business sponsors and providing employment in the area.

“We have a glorious history that we cherish – 135 years of it since the club’s formation as Ipswich AFC. And now our fans, owner, players and staff challenge us to look to the future.

“We have spent time with every department and area of the club. Together we are developing and launching various projects and ideas to promote a new culture centred on efficiency, generating new sources of income and generally adding value to the club and its activities.

“This will reshape the way Ipswich Town does business and these changes will benefit our fans, our players and our employees which ultimately should improve performance on the pitch.

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“Where we can change things for the better quickly, then we must do so. One of our first areas of focus is to do more through the internet. We can operate more economically by doing business online, such as ticket and shop sales. And we can reach old and new fans more quickly and effectively.

“Another area where we have a lot of experience and expertise is hospitality and so we are reviewing all processes around the delivery of food and beverages to fans to improve our offering, efficiency and courtesy in these areas. Our public bars are spearheading this and more improvements are on the way.

“We will look at every stage of a fan’s visit, be they home or away supporters, with a view to enhancing the quality of service and experience that the club provides. The supporters will want to come back for more Ipswich Town hospitality, cheer and entertainment. The club’s staff are committed to improving service throughout the stadium.

“We relish the opportunity to take Ipswich Town forward and are committed to steering through the significant challenges still facing us. These challenges are not straightforward but with the support of the fans and the engagement of our employees we can realise the potential of this fine football club.”