Football could be set for two-week 'circuit-break' season suspension - report

General view of the Portman Road pitch. Picture: Steve Waller

Football authorities are said to be considering a two-week 'circuit-breaker' suspension in the face of rising coronavirus cases

Football authorities are said to be considering a two-week 'circuit-break' suspension of the season as clubs continue to struggle with the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Ipswich Town are just one of a number of clubs in League One who have been forced to postpone games due to positive Covid-19 tests, with seven of the league's 12 scheduled games last night called off.

The Premier League has been affected too, with Monday's clash between Everton and Manchester City postponed just four hours before kick-off. In the wake of that, West Brom boss Sam Allardyce said he believes football needs a break.

Former Everton manager Sam Allardyce ahead of the Premier League match at the bet365 Stadium, Stoke

West Brom boss Sam Allardyce has called for the football season to be suspended - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

And, according to the Daily Mail, those at the top of the game are discussing a potential two-week suspension in a bid to ease problems arising from the resurgent pandemic.

Town boss Paul Lambert and club physio Matt Byard have both lent their voice to calls for a season suspension, with Lambert suggesting the third tier campaign could also be extended into June to mitigate any fixture congestion. 

And Rochdale club doctor Wes Tensel says the EFL need to see the “bigger picture” and halt the current campaign.

Tensel, a practicing GP, said: "Does it make sense for clubs to be travelling across tiers when other people are unable to see their relatives in another tier over Christmas?

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“People could only see their loved ones outside in a park, but a whole coach-load of footballers can go up and down the country as they wish.

“That is my feeling as a doctor, as a football fan I don’t want it to stop. But I am trying to see the bigger picture.

"A lot of people have been affected this year, they have not been able to go on holiday and things, it must be a bit frustrating for them and they must ask, ‘Why are footballers allowed to go all over the place?

“If the government were to put us in another lockdown like we had with the very first one where it was just essential travel, then football should also stop as well.

“If they carry on with tiers, the fact that everything the government have done so far the cases are still increasing, I would have thought football probably should be postponed.

“Footballers travelling around the country are not causing spikes in different tiers but they can still pass it on to their loved ones because the football bubble they are in bursts every time they go home. There are consequences outside of the football pitch."