‘I live to make our fans happy’ - Keane

IPSWICH TOWN: Roy Keane today dismissed any doubts about togetherness in the Blues camp.

And he promised to put the record straight on former skipper Jon Walters, who claimed this week that his former team mates are constantly treading on eggshells so as not to upset the Town manager.

“Jon can wait for another day – perhaps next week perhaps Christmas – but it will be interesting,” said Keane who when questioned about Walters’ outburst at first was reluctant to comment.

“If you are expecting a reaction from me you’re going to be disappointed.

“I don’t want to be asked questions every week and have to defend the spirit of my players.

“It’s wrong and it’s boring. Ask me something more important.

“I talk about players who want to be here and giving 100 per cent.”

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But he then expanded and went on: “There are different kinds of spirit.

“I can fall out with the best of them and wouldn’t go round their house or have a drink together. But when Saturday comes it is about being collectively ready.

“Talking about criticism from people who couldn’t wait to get out of the club is not for today.”

Keane sends a weakened team into action against Barnsley at Portman Road today (kick-off 3pm) in a Championship fixture that could see the Blues return to the top six.

And he is expecting his players to give their all – as usual.

“Since I’ve been here there have only been three or four games when teams have outran us. The stats prove that.

“This shows the effort being put in – the spirit in the camp if you like.

“I count my blessings that we regularly have 19,000 fans for our home games and I live to make our fans happy.

“We disappointed them on Tuesday and now we must look to put that right.

“And I also count my blessings that I have good players I’m working with.

“We have 30 games to go and like today’s match they are all important.

“And I’ve said all along there will be many ups and downs along the way.”

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