I’m no sexist says Paul Jewell

IPSWICH Town boss Paul Jewell has refuted claims that he made a sexist remark towards female assistant referee Amy Fearn during last night’s 2-1 defeat at Birmingham City.

Jewell has come under fresh criticism following the comments which were made in response to a journalist’s question during a heated post-match press conference.

But the manager has today issued a statement via the club website.

It reads: “I absolutely refute suggestions that my comments were made in a sexist way. The opening line from a journalist at the start of the press conference was ‘I think everyone to a man thought that was a penalty and I responded by saying ‘but not to a woman’, meaning the official that was on that side and didn’t give the decision.

“I didn’t suggest in any way that the official made a mistake because she was a woman. I don’t think what I said was sexist and will argue all day long with anyone that says it is.”

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Jewell followed up his initial statement last night by saying “the lineswoman, or whatever she is called” – further opening him up to criticism.

But Jewell said: “I have said that a hundred times before about linesmen. It’s just a reference to the officials who run the line now being known as assistant referees.

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“I have listened to the tape recording of the press conference and I’ve no problems with what I said. The comments have been taken out of context, which is disappointing but that seems to be the world we live in now.

“I’m not expecting any comeback from the authorities and would be disappointed if there are but if that arrives, I will defend it vehemently and will have the full support of the club in doing that.”

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