Ipswich Town boss Mick McCarthy has a January shopping list which contains players that ‘might cost a few quid’

Town manager Mick McCarthy pictured during the Ipswich Town v Nottingham Forest. Picture: Steve W

Town manager Mick McCarthy pictured during the Ipswich Town v Nottingham Forest. Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town manager Mick McCarthy has given his January shopping list to owner Marcus Evans and says there are players on there that ‘might cost a few quid’.

The Blues failed in a supermarket dash attempt to land a replacement for striker Daryl Murphy following his departure to Newcastle in a £3m deal just three days before the summer transfer window shut.

Town managing director Ian Milne has always insisted that those funds would be held over for use in the January transfer window.

McCarthy was quizzed about his transfer plans at Wednesday night’s PLC AGM.

“I did say we’d try and replace Murphy and we will,” said the Blues boss. “Me saying it’s a difficult window to do business is not me lining up an excuse. Whatever you think of me and my football, I’m probably the most straight-forward bloke that’s ever sat here.

“I’m giving you honest answers, I’m only ever honest in press conferences, I don’t give you any nonsense at all. If we’ve been garbage, I say we’ve been garbage. Even sitting here now, I’m saying 60% of it has been bad recently.

“I never sit here and make excuses and I’m not going to make an excuse for the January transfer window - but it is an awful window. There are no emergency loans anymore, so people are going to be keeping hold of their players.

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“We’ve seen the money being thrown around – (Ross) McCormack (to Aston Villa) for 12 million quid, Newcastle spending £10m on multiple players – and that filters down and pushes the prices up accordingly.

“The gap between the haves and have-nots is bonkers, but I’ve never complained. It’s going to be a difficult window to manage, but if we can do something we’ll do it.”

He continued: “I give a list of players to Marcus; if we can get them, great, if we can’t we’ll try and get somebody else and if we can’t do that then I’ll keep trying to get the best out of what I’ve got.”

Asked if he will be restricted to the usual list of bargains and loan deals, he replied: “We have a list of frees, the same as every year, but I’ve put a few on that might cost a few quid this year. We’ll see.

“There are a few factors. First and foremost does the other club want to sell? Then does the player want to come here? How much will the agent want? It’s more than just about us wanting to buy a player.

“The better we’ve been doing, the more attractive we’ve been to players and it’s a bit tough for us at the minute.”

He continued: “I’d like to have some fresh faces. I’m not going to say how many because if I say a number then everyone will hold me to that. I would like some to come and put pressure on players who are in the team and in the squad. It brightens the place up a bit.

“A player can come in and light up and the mood changes just like that. Someone can score a winning goal on their debut and all of a sudden the place is that bit brighter. Fresh faces can lift the atmosphere.

“If we can find someone that will create a bit of excitement and that spark, that would be nice.”

Is he worried about having to sell any of his players if big bids come in?

“They are all under contract, but we’ve seen players under contract move on before,” he replied. “I’m not sat here worried about losing them, I’m sat here more concerned about getting fresh faces in that will provide a spark and an impetus for us so we can push forwards.

“There’s never been any pressure on me to sell. That’s been shown in the past when Marcus (Evans) resisted bids for Didzy (David McGoldrick) and Murph (Daryl Murphy).”