Ipswich Town fans pay their tributes to Sir Bobby Robson – humble, modest and a ‘true leader’

Sir Bobby Robson takes a look at his statue outside Portman Road. The popular manager's career and l

Sir Bobby Robson takes a look at his statue outside Portman Road. The popular manager's career and life will be celebrated on 'Sir Bobby Robson Day' as Ipswich Town host Newcastle United. - Credit: Archant

Ask Ipswich Town fans what Sir Bobby Robson means to them and you will get an instant response.

That is exactly what we did ahead of Sir Bobby Robson Day today – and here is what they said.

Kevin Morley: “When Bobby Robson’s book about his time at Ipswich Town, I missed it. I wrote to Bobby at the Football Association asking him if he could send me a copy of the book with an invoice. A week or so later a copy of the book arrived through the post. There was no invoice just a lovely hand written message in the front of the book which read, “With every good wish. Hope you enjoy it. Great days! Bobby Robson.”

Graeme Brooke: “He was a humble yet great man who gave the fans a top club that challenged on a limited budget. “He provided good football, hope and entertainment and above all, he respected the supporters.”

Andy McEvoy: “Putting into words what he did for our club brings a lump to my throat and tears welling up in my eyes. He loved, nurtured and cared for every single person who worked or played for the club whatever they did and whoever they were.”

Mark Banham: “When we signed Paul Mariner there were hordes of kids, of which I was one, scrambling to get his autograph at a weekday training session. The queue was long and I didn’t seem to get any closer so when I spotted Bobby Robson walking on his own I abandoned the queue and ran to Bobby and said excuse me can I have your autograph please. He smiled and patted me on the head and said no son you don’t really want my autograph do you? I said no not really but the queue is too long over there. He knew who the star was, there was no pretence about him but years later we all look back on him as the biggest star of all.”

Nigel Beckman: “Despite his stature in the world of football, I found him to be a modest and down to earth man, who not only commanded respect, but had the humility to know how to give it. He was a genuine man, his demeanour was a clear indication that he was a true leader.”

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Tony Cox: “Sir Bobby Robson, simply irreplaceable. For a whole generation of fans he will never be surpassed as the greatest ever manager of Ipswich Town and England. I feel privileged that I grew up watching the fantastic teams that he built.”

Joan Westbrook: “I am such a big admirer of him as saw him arrive at Portman Road when there were shouts of “Robson out”, to when he left where there were tears at his leaving. A good man as well as a fantastic manager.”

James Mower: “Although I am not fortunate enough to have been around when Sir Bobby crafted his great Ipswich teams of the late 1970s and early 1980s, the impact he had on the club and the town and the legacy he left is strongly felt at Portman Road even today. I feel extremely proud when Town fans sing ‘There’s only one Bobby Robson’, at home or on their travels.”