McCarthy apologises to fans after Norwich celebration controversy

Mick McCarthy at Carrow Road on Sunday Picture Pagepix

Mick McCarthy at Carrow Road on Sunday Picture Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Ipswich Town manager Mick McCarthy has apologised for any offence he caused while celebrating Luke Chambers’ goal at Norwich on Sunday, but has reiterated he did not aim his comments at the Blues fans.

While celebrating the 89th-minute goal, which looked as if it would win the game for the Blues, television cameras captured McCarthy appearing to aim a double fist-pump with clear ‘up yours’ connotations, accompanied by the words ‘f*** off’, in the direction of the 2,000 away supporters.

Speaking after the game, the Blues boss insisted his actions were simply him getting caught in the heat of the moment following an important goal, which he has now reiterated while apologising if his language caused offence.

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“It was a big moment for us, coming so late in the game. You can get carried away in situations like that,” the Town boss told the club website.

“To be honest I forgot the cameras were there and can capture every word now. You don’t think about that during the game. For those who were offended by my language, I apologise.

“I’d like to reiterate though that my comments were not aimed at anyone. It was just a reaction to the goal and what it meant at that time.”

Speaking about the incident after the game, McCarthy said: “That was just a reaction to the game. It was just me celebrating the goal.”

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