Watch Norwood and Holy get a laughter-filled grilling from young Town fans... as they reveal their Ipswich bromance

Tomas Holy and James Norwood took questions from young Ipswich Town supporters. Picture: ITFC

Tomas Holy and James Norwood took questions from young Ipswich Town supporters. Picture: ITFC - Credit: Archant

James Norwood and Tomas Holy hosted a group of young Ipswich Town supporters at Playford Road this week, taking questions from the fans on a wide range of subjects.

A group of Junior Blues were invited to Playford Road during the half-term holidays, where the club hosted a press conference featuring Holy and Norwood.

The young supporters asked questions and received a string of hilarious answers, which revealed just how well Holy and Norwood get on.

You can watch the press conference above or read a transcript below.

Q: Why are you so tall?

A: That's maybe a question for my mum... when we've finished I can give you her phone number and you can call her. I have no idea.

Q: How many dogs do you have?

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JN: Five... I have three Chihuahuas and two terriers. I had one at home too so maybe six.

TH: Is that just you? With some girl or on your own?

JN: I love dogs, not people. Or goalkeepers.

TH: That surprises me, a big tough guy like you with six dogs.

JN: If you put them together it's one big dog.

Q: Who's the funniest?

JN: He's the pretty funny (pointing at Holy) but he doesn't know he's funny. You see him having to duck under doors all the time and then he comes to stand next to me all the time and he makes me look like you (children).

Cole Skuse is funny, so is JD (Janoi Donacien).

TH: I think Chambo, when he has a good day he can be funny. Sometimes he's in a bad mood though.

Q: Messi or Ronaldo?

JN: Messi, no question.

TH: OK, Ronaldo

Q: Which is the best stadium you've been to?

JN: I've been lucky because I've played at Wembley four times and that's an unbelievable stadium to play in.

TH: Hmmm, Portman Road is the biggest stadium I have played in with Sunderland's stadium (Stadium of Light) as well. These two are very nice.

Q: Who is the kindest?

*Holy puts his hand up

JN: Him, by a long way.

TH: I like every single guy in the training room, all of them are too kind.

JN: Who's your favourite?

TH: I can't say, I like all of you.

JN: Who's your best mate? Who is it? You told someone they were your best mate.

TH: It's a tricky question.

JN: Who did you say it to? I want it on camera. Who did you say it to in the jacuzzi room? You said 'I'll always have your back'. Who did you say it to, Tommy? He said it to me!

TH: Alright, Nors.

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Q: Who do you support?

JN: West Ham.

TH: Arsenal.

JN: What?! That's the end of our friendship then.

Q: Who has the worst dress sense in the team?

TH: I really don't know. What is it you wear, slippers?

JN: I wear pink slippers, yeah.

TH: I don't get it at all.

JN: I'm going to say Gwion (Edwards) because he makes such an effort every day and wears hoodies four times too big for him. And really skinny jeans.

TH: To be honest, me sometimes too.

JN: I'm glad you've admitted it.

Q: How do you think the season's gone so far?

TH: It's been maybe a bit difficult.

JN: It's been mixed, hasn't it. We started a well.

TH: In the last few weeks we have made it a bit difficult for ourselves but I think on Saturday we started again and we will finish really strong.

JN: It's not how you start it's how you finish. We've got 12 games left and we're confident now.

TH: I'm feeling really confident.

JN: We're playing teams around us now so if we win we get three points up on them. It's important for us to win the next three of four games and then we'll be in with a real shout.

Q: What tips would you give young goalkeepers?

TH: I always say it's about passion and feelings. For me that's the most important thing. I've played football for more than 20 years and there has never been a day I don't love it. I love football, all the time and I love being on the pitch. For me that's the main thing between playing football at a high level or just playing on Sundays. I don't know if Nors can give different tips to me but for me it's about a feeling.

JN: When I've played in goal the important thing was to keep the ball out of the net. That's my tip - don't let people score against you and keep it out of the net.

TH: Yeah, but you still have to care about it.

JN: Just keep the ball out the net! That's where you're going wrong... you're picking it out of the net with passion.

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