A price freeze, behind-closed-doors compensation, refunds and how to cancel - season ticket renewal questions answered

Portman Road is likely to be empty when football finally resumes, according to EFL boss Rick Parry P

Portman Road is likely to be empty when football finally resumes, according to EFL boss Rick Parry Picture: PA SPORT - Credit: PA

Ipswich Town have released details of how current season ticket holders can renew for the 2020/21 despite the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Ipswich Town have frozen season ticket prices for those renewing before May 7. Picture: ARCHANT

Ipswich Town have frozen season ticket prices for those renewing before May 7. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

The pandemic has meant football has been suspended since the start of March, causing an indefinite extension to the 2019/20 season at a time when the Blues still had eight games remaining.

Ordinarily the club would have launched their season ticket campaign for the next campaign in late March or early April and, while the Blues have delayed doing so due to the uncertainty surrounding the game, they have put provision in place for existing supporters to renew.

As part of a letter, written to the club’s fans, owner Marcus Evans revealed a price freeze for existing season ticket holders if they renew their season tickets by May 7.

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Ipswich Town owner Marcus Evans will cover the club's losses during the coronavirus pandemic. Pictur

Ipswich Town owner Marcus Evans will cover the club's losses during the coronavirus pandemic. Picture: PA/ITFC - Credit: Archant

The letter also details how the club will compensate fans should the end of this season or the start of next be played behind-closed-doors, as well as the potential for refunds should the current campaign not be completed.

The club have issued a Q&A relating to season ticket renewals, which you can read below.


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Why has the Club announced the renewal offer when there is so much uncertainty in football and in people’s lives at the moment?

Over 70 per cent of season ticket holders use the interest free Direct Debit scheme as it spreads the cost over 12 months and the Club have received questions from season ticket holders about next season. We are fully aware that football is not high priority for most at the moment but in order for season ticket holders to have that 12 month option should they choose, we have to open up the renewal option now. The Club is not, as such, selling season tickets for 2020/21. This offer is only to those who are already season ticket holders and are happy to renew now. In recognition of this commitment at this time of uncertainty we have added unique additional benefits to those confirming their ticket now and price certainty.   

So if I’m a current season ticket holder and want to renew, how do I go about it?

If you pay via the Club’s Direct Debit scheme, then your season ticket will automatically be renewed for 2020/21. You don’t have to do anything. Your first instalment will be taken on May 11. If you are a season ticket holder but not on the Direct Debit scheme you can renew online at www.itfcdirect.com from Tuesday, April 21.  

I’ve paid for a season ticket for 2019/20 so what happens if the season is not completed. Do I get a refund?

The EFL have made it clear they are looking to finish the season but if that doesn’t happen, the Club will obviously recompense season ticket holders in some way.  This has yet to be finalised and we would expect to take the lead from the EFL but refunds, complimentary tickets and /or credit towards future tickets for 2020/21 would be the most likely options.

What happens if the current season is completed behind closed doors?

A decision will be taken by the Club as and when the situation is clearer but one option being explored if games are played behind closed doors, is to stream the matches live and free to season ticket holders via the Club’s iFollow service. This possibility has been raised with the EFL and there is a desire from the EFL to provide this service though it will be very much dependent on their technology.

Say the 2020/21 season kicks off behind closed doors?

It’s too early to say exactly how the technology will work but again the free, live streaming option to season ticket holders will be at the forefront of the Club’s plans. There will also be the additional free tickets to other games outlined in Marcus’ letter to those who renew by May 7.

If the 2019/20 season is not completed until much later in the year and impacts on the 2020/21 season with fewer fixtures played, what will the Club do?

There has been no indication from the EFL that next season’s fixture list will be affected. The Club will look at that situation as it develops but would favour a  ‘credit note’ towards a season ticket for 2021/22 as we will still have the same costs to run the Club in 20/21.  

Please confirm the prices for 2020/21?

Prices have been frozen for next season for those taking up the initial renewal offer.

If I’m a first time or lapsed season ticket holder, can I buy now?

No. Season tickets are not on sale at the moment. This offer is only for 2019/20 season ticket holders. There will be an opportunity to buy season tickets at a later date on favourable terms, though not the same as for current season ticket holders who take advantage of this renewal offer.

If I don’t want to renew my season ticket for 2020/21, how do I go about cancelling my direct debit then?

You can call the Club’s Ticket Enquiries line on 03330 050503 from 9am on Tuesday 21 April or preferably you can email the ticket office at mainticketoffice@itfc.co.uk. You must use either method by 5pm on 30 April. Please have your customer number to hand if contacting by telephone. If emailing, please include your customer number in your email. The Club shop is not open for the opt-out process.

If I cancel my direct debit but want to start paying again by that method for a season ticket later in the year, do I have to register online again and can I keep the same customer number?

You’ll be able to keep the same customer number and should be able to follow the same process as before. More details on pricing will follow in due course when it becomes clearer regarding the likely dates for conclusion of this season and the start of 2020/21.

If I don’t renew my season ticket now, will I lose my seat?

Not necessarily. The Club will not ‘open up’ seats that have not been renewed until we are actively selling season tickets. Again, more details will follow in due course and a date will be announced in advance of seats being released for general sale. Of course if the seat is still available if you decide to purchase at a later stage we will do our best to meet your specific request but the only way to absolutely guarantee your seat is to renew before May 7.

Anything else we should know?

The Club have teamed up with ‘powered by SeatGeek’ to provide a slick new ticket system which will be in place over the summer, providing supporters with a host of new benefits, including a new mobile phone stadium access function. To fall in line with other Premier League and EFL clubs, a ‘powered by SeatGeek’ booking fee of £2.50 will be added to each season ticket, with the cost spread across 12 months for those renewing using the 12 month interest free Direct Debit scheme. 

A full set of terms and conditions relating to the 2021/21 season will be published on the Club website in due course.

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