Is Town ticket deal another own goal for the club?

SPECTACULAR own goal or common sense prevailing?

Ipswich Town’s announcement of ticket details for the rearranged match against Middlesbrough is a little of both.

On the face of it, the club have gone above and beyond the Football League regulations that stipulated fans who attended Saturday’s 37 minutes would only receive a 50 per cent discount for round two.

Now anyone who bought a ticket, already discounted by the club’s ticket promotion at the weekend, can buy another one for the replay for as little as �5.

And fans who didn’t go to the first match can still take advantage of the original discounted match tickets.

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But some will argue that the club should have simply given people their money back for 37 minutes of football where players were rightly mindful – and fearful – of the conditions.

And what about supporters who can’t make the rearranged match on Tuesday, March 27?

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In announcing the ticket plans yesterday, chief executive Simon Clegg knew it was not going to be universally liked, admitting: “It’s the club’s policy – with the vast majority of Premier League and Championship clubs – that as the game was abandoned before half-time we would set a 50% discount. On this occasion we have reduced prices significantly beyond that.

“I realise that we can’t please every supporter but it has to be recognised that there are significant costs to hosting a football match, regardless of how long it lasts.”

Maybe giving everyone their money back would have cost too much money. Maybe giving people the chance to come back against the Boro at a significantly reduced rate is an admirable gesture.

But many supporters will still feel the club have missed a trick in making a grander gesture and declaring that they are in touch with their community. That a ‘family club’ spirit still exists at Portman Road.

After this latest episode, fans have been left fearing the worst.

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