‘It’s all going downhill’ - Keane

THESE may be worrying times for Ipswich Town manager Roy Keane, but he also believes these are worrying times for football in general.

Perhaps eyeing some participation in the media if his position at Portman Road comes to an end on the back of a long run of league defeats, Keane was particularly caustic in his comments following a rather sanitised Manchester United versus Arsenal game last Monday.

His views always receive a wide audience because of his iconic rating in the game.

But his forthright opinions on the top of the table Premier League clash at Old Trafford have received wide recognition – with TV companies no doubt poised to offer Keane a place in front of a camera and/or behind a microphone.

“We don’t love the game as much as we used to,” he said.

“The game is changing and it’s not the one I got involved in from the age of eight.

“I see it every day; top managers losing their jobs although if I lose mine tomorrow nobody will be complaining too much.

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“There has been praise for foreigners coming in, but some of them should look what they have done over the last few weeks – club owners and players.

“They do not understand the game and it is often an ego thing. It is a toy they can play with.

“The sacking of good managers is crazy, and so is foreign players wanting to leave clubs after two minutes because they are unhappy with what is going on.”

And having starred in a few meaty Manchester United versus Arsenal confrontations in the past, Keane was scathing about what he saw earlier this week.

“The game was rubbish,” continued Keane.

“There was no intensity and no one got stuck in.

“They were like old pals meeting up again and not players trying to win a title for their clubs.

“There looked to me as though they were some out who weren’t trying a light.

“Other than the second half of our game at Preston last weekend it was one of the worst games I’ve seen.

“The game is going downhill and these are worrying times. But I’m sure we’ll get through it.”

And looking at his own position, Keane went on: “Yes, I’m grateful I’ve got an English owner at Portman Road.

“It’s one of the reasons I took the job and I can’t complain too much at the support I’e had.

“It doesn’t matter whether I’ve had contact with the owner or not this week – it’s all about results.”

IT is the birthday today of another footballing legend – Kevin Beattie, born December 18 1953.

He will summarise on the game for BBC Radio Suffolk and said: “It will be tough for Town as home advantage goes out of the window for them at the moment.

“Ipswich need to battle it out, show grit and if they hit form they can come out on top.”

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