Fuller Flavour: Whoever the new man is, we all have to get behind him

Town caretaker manager John McGreal being interviewed ahead of the game.

John McGreal is in interim charge of Ipswich Town. Karl Fuller says everyone needs to get behind the new boss, whoever it is - Credit: Steve Waller - stephenwaller.com

Ipswich Town fan Karl Fuller offers his thoughts on the past week - and the club's ongoing search for a new boss..

A point at Wigan, on the face of it, was a good result, and goes a little way to avenging the defeat at Charlton, but I do not sit very comfortably with the latest shenanigans at Portman Road.

Back in late July, nobody would have seen this mess coming before Christmas. Before the Cook sacking, with axed managers previously we've had to fall from a fair height of expectations and excitement to get to this low-level feeling. I cannot get too excited now for what happens next.

This was always my fear when I was being told over the last month or two that Cook needed to go. I am glad I am not alone in feeling like this.

John McGreal wants his players to think during the second half at Wigan

John McGreal wants his players to think during the second half at Wigan - Credit: Phill Heywood

Nobody really knows what to expect but I would like to put forward a suggestion. Whilst none of the supposed candidates to be our next manager are overly inspiring, and for every name mentioned thus far there seems to be a ratio of about a hundred against the idea to every one for it, how about this... 

Whoever it is should just be backed.

We cannot keep sacking managers every four months if things are not working – unless it gets as bad as the Paul Hurst era – but owners, the board and supporters alike, need to unite and fully support the next man, however underwhelming the appointment might be.

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I am somewhat bewildered that Cook should have been sacked without an immediate replacement lined up. ‘

Inviting applications’ as it was put by Mark Ashton suggests that they had nobody in mind. It is quite a dangerous game to play at this stage of the season with games coming thick and fast and whilst I was neither Cook in or out, as it was the latter, surely a plan should have been there to appoint a new man straight away?

Ipswich Towns Chief Executive Officer Mark Ashton celebrates with fans.

Mark Ashton is leading an 'extensive search' for the new boss - Credit: Steve Waller - www.stephenwaller

Each and every game that passes by is another towards the season's ending.

I wonder how long John McGreal will be left in charge. If he turns Saturday’s draw into wins at Barrow and against Sunderland (if he is still in charge by then), then he might just make his position stronger with the board.

He certainly spoke well after the Wigan game and gave a much more refreshing interview than previous managers. You cannot doubt his care for the club.

The venting after the Charlton game saddened me and highlighted the mire the club is in. We saw what happened after the final whistle and it was not a good look for the club.

Yes, football is a high-octane sport when it comes to feelings. I’ve dished out enough angry words in my time from the terraces for sure. But there is a line not to be crossed.

A police officer pushes Toto Nsiala away from angry Town fans.

Toto Nsiala confronted fans after the dreadful Charlton defeat last week - Credit: Steve Waller - stephenwaller.com

Players come and go whilst we remain a consistent, permanent fixture at the club. It is only natural that we let off steam from time to time. In our case, we have had enough and desperately want things to change.

The least we expect is commitment from those that wear the shirt and I think we got that against Wigan. As long as the players leave nothing out on the pitch, then that goes a long way to appeasing fans. The result remains most important of course.

We now have a big week ahead of us, starting with Barrow in an FA Cup replay, live on national television. I still shudder when I think back to the last time we had an FA Cup tie screened live when we were embarrassed by defeat at non-league Lincoln a month shy of four years ago.

Let’s hope lowly Barrow do not repeat that feeling. Other than when we won the cup in 1978, all eight of our ‘live TV’ FA Cup games since have ended in defeat. The omens are not good.

Then there is the Sunderland game on Saturday in front of what will be close to a sell-out crowd. We know how these games tend to end.

But with the American owners present and a crowd that will get behind the team to begin with, maybe we can pull off a win.

I am in for surgery this week and will be gutted to miss this occasion. Give the lads a shout for me.

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