Fuller Flavour: My new favourite Ipswich Town player

George Edmundson applauds the away fans after the defeat at Hillsborough.

George Edmundson applauds Ipswich Town fans after defeat at Sheffield Wednesday. Karl says fans must be patient with the Blues - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Ipswich Town fan Karl Fuller shares his latest thoughts on the Blues after a weekend defeat at Sheffield Wednesday....

You cannot beat watching Town win away. And given that I was at Wimbledon and not Sheffield Wednesday, I made the right choice over the past week.

My ‘lucky’ Marcus Stewart socks my brother bought me for Christmas got another outing and that’s now three wins in three games for them. I’ve never really been the superstitious sort, but they will be worn on Saturday!

I will admit to being a little concerned last Tuesday night when I saw our starting line-up. Not to have any of Macauley Bonne, Bersant Celina or Conor Chaplin in the eleven seemed a bit of a gamble.

Ironically, with the game at a stalemate and with Celina and Chaplin stripped and ready to come on, Town scored. I am past 50 years of age now and it has been so long since I had an out-and-out favourite player.

I ditched the idea as I kept getting upset when those favourites left. Perhaps the last time truly was when Kevin Wilson was banging them in before leaving for Derby County.

Before then, it was Messrs Wark, Mariner, Beattie and Butcher that all hurt me when they departed. I figured that I was better off not getting too attached to players.

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Sure, I have had soft spots for some since then. Matt Holland, Hermann Hreidarsson and Marcus Stewart spring readily to mind.

Wes Burns celebrates scoring during the second half at AFC Wimbledon

Wes Burns is Karl's new favourite Town player - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

But now, I do not mind admitting that Wes Burns is tugging at my heart strings. When he is on form, everything seems to eventually click in games.

When his first went through Nikola Tzanev legs last Tuesday night, it was pure ecstasy in the away end. His second wrapped the game up and my previously shot nerves were fine once more.

I have what I feel is a decent away run at present with five wins and two draws from the last ten away games attended. Maybe there’s more to my luck than just those socks!

But I had a nagging doubt hanging over me throughout Saturday morning that Sheffield Wednesday would beat us. I would not say that it was with any hint of negativity.

Just my usual realistic self, thinking that without Sam Morsy, we would struggle in the midfield battles. The early goal did for us, as did too many players having an off day.

But look, we know these defeats lie ahead. We cannot afford many more at all if we really are going to try and make the play-offs.

Ipswich Manager Kieran McKenna at Hillsborough.

Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna has explained the club's approach in the January transfer window. - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

If we do not reach them though, it will not be because of Kieran McKenna. One can clearly see improvements. And I have said, as long as we see signs of progress over the rest of this season, then we cannot ask for much more after the poor start we had to the season.

Win our next two games and hopes will be heightened once more no doubt.

Saturday was not helped with injuries, suspensions and other reasons. Tyreeq Bakinson has had to come into the team quicker than expected and with Dominic Thompson’s addition, we had a side that was not in full-flow of continuity.

Patience really will be required over the last few months of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I am as disappointed as anyone when we do lose.

But these current times of supporting Ipswich far outweigh any of the last few years of firstly, stagnation in the Championship which ended in relegation, or secondly, those roads to nowhere that Marcus Evans kept us on.

Jon Nolan has more to offer than he was able to show last season. Picture: ROSS HALLS

Jon Nolan never really got going at Town - Credit: Archant

As I write, it would appear that Jon Nolan’s contract has been mutually terminated. This is probably a sensible decision by the club as it would free up wages to be spent elsewhere and a possible squad position.

I was quite excited when he signed. But for one reason or another, it never really worked out for him. When Paul Hurst joined us from Shrewsbury and brought Nolan and Toto Nsiala with him, many fans thought that we had done some good business.

Sadly, as we now know, it did not work out at all. With Nolan looking for a new club, I wonder if one down the A12 has one more space for a player with an Ipswich connection?