Karl Fuller: 'Hope we go on an Oxford-type run and win nine in a row.... Sadly, that would not alter my opinion on a change of manager'

Alan Judge celebrates after scoring his first half goal to give Town a 1-0 lead.

Alan Judge celebrates after scoring his first half goal to give Town a 1-0 lead. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.ste


A win, a half-time lead, a clean sheet and most pleasing of all, a decent performance.

That wasn’t too much to expect at last was it? Ironically, it was our best performance since we played, well, Blackpool I guess. How much better did that feel?

Luke Matheson heads clear.

Luke Matheson heads clear. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.ste

It might be unfair to single any particular player out, but the new ‘young 'uns’ certainly brought a fresh and more purposeful dynamic to our game.

Well done Luke Matheson and Troy Parrott. I thought Myles Kenlock had another excellent game, Alan Judge had his best game for a long time and Josh Harrop played well when he entered the game in the second-half.

Myles Kenlock in a battle with Blackpool's Kevin Stewart.

Myles Kenlock in a battle with Blackpool's Kevin Stewart. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.ste

One swallow doesn’t make a summer of course but it is a start. I’ll be even more impressed if we put in a similar performance and furthermore, get a win at Peterborough – if the game goes ahead.

NORTH STANDER: A breath of fresh air

I hope we can go on an Oxford United-type run and win nine games in a row. Sadly, that would still not alter my opinion on a change of manager.

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And, Lambert still continues to amaze and dishearten me.

Town manager Paul Lambert (left) in discussion with his assistant manager Stuart Taylor (right) and

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert (left) in discussion with his assistant manager Stuart Taylor (right) and first team coach Matt Gill at Shrewsbury on Saturday. Photo: Pagepix - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

It was pathetic of him to respond in the manner he did when asked about Luke Chambers’ rare omission from the starting line-up. How can he turn to a club’s PR manager at the time of being asked to clarify that he only wants to talk about the game? Embarrassing.

WATCH: The goals from the game against Blackpool

Remember, by his own admission recently, he can 'deal with the pressure', he’s played for big clubs and doesn’t read what the press have to write or say anyway.

He stated of Chambers and Stephen Ward being on the bench: “It’s nothing to do with performances, you may as well not ask me at all. Don’t ask me anything other than about the matchday situation, that’s all I’m going to answer from here on in.”

Luke Chambers watching the game.

Luke Chambers was left out of the Town side on Saturday - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Surely, as the topic was centred on the matchday squad, it was a relevant ‘matchday situation’ question to ask. Given that Lambert swerved the press conference during the week, what other opportunity do the media have to ask about the captain's feelings about being dropped other than in a post-match interview? It was a valid question in my opinion.

Still, I enjoyed the win and the performance and here’s hoping we can now build on that.

TOWN star in team of the week

I had a lovely phone call last week from former Ipswich Town Chief Writer for the EADT, Dave Allard.

Dave has been poorly for some time now so to hear him in good spirits was nice. We chewed the fat over what is going on at our club and it is all a far cry from the heady days of Dave’s writing career where he recalled some wonderful moments covering the eras of Sir Bobby Robson, John Lyall, George Burley and Joe Royle.

We touched on how each of those managers responded to some of Dave’s written work given that recent comment of Lambert that he cares little what Stuart Watson and Andy Warren write.

Dave was disgusted with the lack of respect towards a profession that gave him so much pleasure for many decades. He told me of the times that Sir Bobby would ring him as early as 6.30am to discuss what he had written about a game, or other related matters.

Josh Harrop drives the ball forwards.

Josh Harrop drives the ball forwards. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.ste

Sir Bobby would get up early and read the EADT before going into work, hence the early morning call. He would both criticise and praise what had been written but most importantly to Dave, he cared. In Dave’s own words, it was yet another example of the mark of the man who, by the way, would also read supporters' letters - and often replied too.

We then talked about current matters both on and off the pitch and how sad we were on reflection.

I told him I had written to the club to share some of my concerns without response by then. In my opinion, the whole communication side of the club is another poor show when it comes to us supporters.

The decline of our club has hurt people of all ages, sadly.

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