Karl Fuller: 'I want the fans to be cared for, as much as we have cherished the club all these years'

Town fans celebrating at Portman Road. Packed scenes like this won't be seen for some time yet, but up to 4,000 spectators...

A new start? And a new caring for our fans - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Wow, what a few days it has been for us Ipswich Town fans.

The latest saga of the ITFC soap opera came to a conclusion on Sunday night with the next script potentially becoming even more explosive in the coming days and weeks.

Town manager Paul Lambert acknowledges fans ahead of the Ipswich Town v Preston North End game. P

Bye, bye Paul. And thanks for.... some memories. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Just as I and many of you had settled down at the end of another weekend, and with my original column happily posted off to HQ a few hours earlier, news broke of Paul Lambert’s mutual separation from the club.

It has finally happened.

EVANS on sacking of Lambert

It really had become 'when', rather than 'if', and there was apparently a heated exchange with Marcus Evans on Thursday and Friday - the final straw?

Is the potential takeover much closer than we are anticipating?

Marcus Evans and Ipswich Town are likely to suffer as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, fears Ma

Marcus Evans - rather bizarre timing of Lambert's dismissal. - Credit: Archant

I found it strange that if it is because of the former, why was Lambert taking charge of Saturday’s game against Doncaster? Why did he go Sunday night rather than say Monday morning?

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The timing seems very bizarre to me but either way, I feel a huge relief. And I tell you something else. No member of the ‘be careful what you wish for’ club will be able to throw that comment at me in times ahead.

To put it bluntly, most of Lambert’s era on the pitch will go down as a disaster.

Paul Hurst, where did it all go wrong?. Photo: Steve Waller

Paul Hurst, who Lambert took over from - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Having brought back a feel-good factor to the club in his first few months (which I give him due credit for), recognising the club had no relationship with its supporters, this was all with a backdrop of a 'free-hit' as we limped to relegation thanks to the earlier chaos caused by Paul Hurst.

US investors on verge of takeover

Lambert, in truth, still had more than six months in which he undoubtedly could have done better. Then, the way last season panned out and for much of this, there’s nothing I will remember of his time positively.

Town players celebrate with Alan Judge after he had given them a 1-0 lead from a well placed free ki

Town beat Doncaster on Saturday - but their record against top six teams with Lambert in charge was very poor - Credit: Steve Waller www.stephenwa

His failure to beat top sides until the past week was reason enough for him to go. His overall tally of results against top ten sides of last season and the current top ten this, ended with just six wins in 32 attempts, with Saturday’s win over Doncaster doubling his Portman Road wins from these games to two in 16 matches.

His relationship with the media became tetchy, boorish and an embarrassment to our name. So, we now wait with both excitement and some trepidation as to who will be next in the hot-seat. The potential takeover will no doubt reveal all if that happens sooner than we expected.

TOWN fans react on Twitter to Town's weekend win

We have had nothing to enthuse about for far too long and can now be cautiously optimistic that things might just take a turn for the better.

Fans at Portman Road ranked low for both banning orders and arrests Picture: MARK HEATH

Our great club needs changes from top to bottom, says Karl Fuller - Credit: Archant

We needed a change from top to bottom.

The first part of this is complete. Let’s hope the second part comes to fruition. We need a structure, a viable vision and above all else, hope.

I had no hope until Sunday night. I want to hope that our realistic expectations can be achieved. I do not want the moon on a stick. I want communication, transparency, an infrastructure and I want the fans to be cared for and thought of as much as we have cherished the club for oh so many years.

Alan Judge scores from a first half are kick to give Town a 1-0 lead.

Hopefully great times ahead and more free-kick goals like this from Alan Judge! - Credit: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com

We have interesting times ahead to look forward to.

So, thank you Paul for what you brought to the club in your early days. You at least got crowds back up to the 20k mark.

I would also like to offer my sympathies to Stuart Taylor for the loss of his father last week.

And finally for this week, I wish my good mate Kevin Painter all the best following his recent retirement from the PDC Darts scene. If you didn’t already know, Kevin is a massive Ipswich fan.

Kevin 'the Artist' Painter in action

Kevin Painter, who has retired form the PDC Darts scene. A big Town fan. - Credit: LAWRENCE LUSTIG

We exchange text messages after most games and have attended many games together over the last few years.

He is very passionate about the Blues and leaves nothing behind in his support. I know that he will be an excellent entertainer in his exhibitions to come when he can and I urge you to go along to see him in action.

All the best mate.


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