Fuller Flavour: The ten players I think Town should keep for next season

Ipswich Manager Paul Cook at Portsmouth

Ipswich Town boss Paul Cook and assistant Gary Roberts have a lot of thinking to do - Karl Fuller fears a total rebuild is needed at the Blues - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Ipswich Town fan Karl Fuller shares his thoughts on the Blues after the defeat at Portsmouth, and reveals the players who he thinks the club should keep this summer...

You know a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the supposed new manager bounce and how it never seems to find us?

And I followed that up with how we seem to so often be on the receiving end of opposition who have just appointed a new manager and his first game is against us which invariably does not end well for us? Yeah, well that!

How much of Portsmouth’s win on Saturday can be credited to Danny Cowley - given that he only arrived on Friday - remains to be seen. 

But on the end of a six-game winless streak and with no goals in their last three games, Ipswich Town were just what the doctor ordered to remedy Pompey’s ailments. I am sick of being that team.

And talking of being sick, stop reading now if you’re eating. I often say that supporting Ipswich is a bug.

Ipswich Manager Paul Cook before the game at Portsmouth

Paul Cook has seen his Blues take just four points from his opening five games - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

At times though, it feels like a horrible sickness bug. You know when you feel sick, you just want to throw up in the hope that it will make you start to feel better again but you don’t know at the time if you have been sick for the last time. That’s exactly how I have felt for most of Marcus Evans’ reign.

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For each manager appointed, I have ended up feeling sick of them and when the time has come for them to depart I felt so much better again.

Only I’ve learnt that in respect of the first five managers appointed by Evans, each time turned out not to be the last time of feeling sick - instead I've found myself in one big vicious sickness circle.

When Paul Lambert left recently, that was the latest occasion for me to metaphorically throw up and feel better again and the hope now is that Paul Cook can be the ultimate cure.

However, the diagnosis of my prolonged feeling of illness probably has more to do with Evans. For every headache I’ve endured during his tenure, the paracetamol effect of winning games of football does not last long and I’m soon back to feeling poorly again.

The past week or so has seen the drug of victory over Plymouth wear off as quickly as it was prescribed with a dismal performance and defeat at Fleetwood and no medication on offer with defeat at Portsmouth. I feel like the bear with a sore head at present!

It had looked for all the while on Saturday as if things might turn out ok. For a decent opening 20 minutes against Plymouth, we doubled that performance with 40 minutes of good football until we conceded a soft goal.

And just like that, our bubble burst and we never looked the same again for the rest of the game. We are devoid of mental strength and the lack of fear of losing that has shrouded the club for too long lingers on.

Kane Vincent-Young makes a substitute appearance at Portsmouth

Kane Vincent-Young is one of the players Karl would keep at Portman Road - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

I have every faith in Cook to finally sort this long-standing problem out. Surely, if no takeover happens and Evans remains, he has got to finally realise that so much must be changed if ever we are going to rise again.

It’s plain to see that it cannot happen with the majority of our current squad. I would not be too upset if we did what Lincoln did last summer and strip right back and build from next to nothing.

I had a message from Paul Peachey last week, challenging me to name 10 players that I would like to see be kept on for next season.

I really feel that only mass changes will work and thinking of as many as 10 to keep was difficult but my choices would be: Kane Vincent-Young, Luke Woolfenden, Myles Kenlock, James Wilson, Flynn Downes, James Norwood, Teddy Bishop, Jack Lankester, Armando Dobra and Brett McGavin.

James Norwood celebrates opening the scoring at Portsmouth

James Norwood would remain at Ipswich under Karl's plan - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

We would need to add a dozen or so to that list but can you really see that many new arrivals coming in?

And if so, we’d need to ship out so many players, I just can’t see that volume of moves happening. Even if it does, there’d be a lot of integrating to do.

It might take Cook more than next season.

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