Keane will see nothing of Walters sale cash

IPSWICH TOWN: Blues manager Roy Keane will not see any of the profit generated from the �2.75million sale of Jon Walters to Stoke City.

Town chief executive Simon Clegg has made it clear that the profit made from Walters’ sale, who cost a total of just �200,000, and the income received from the transfers of Jon Stead and Owen Garvan will not be available to Keane to strengthen his squad.

Although Clegg stresses that there is still scope to bring in the right player at the right time – although the transfer window closes on Tuesday and doesn’t open again until January – he adds:

“A lot of fans bemoan about football being a business, but if you don’t keep a business head you can see what has happened to clubs that have got into massive financial difficulties.

“Club owner Marcus Evans continues to be extremely generous investing in club.

“But he does not have a bottomless pit.

“We have to make smart financial decisions to the benefit of he club.

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“As much as we want promotion as quickly as possible every player has a price on his head.

“If we receive an offer more than we value a player we will seriously consider it.

“I never like losing players, but I have to look at the big picture.

“Fans have to recognise that apart from bringing in Jason Scotland we have also brought in Mark Kennedy, Marton Fulop, Conor Hourihane and two excellent loan signings in Darren O’Dea and Andros Townsend.

“That’s six fairly solid signings and loans and with the wage bill to consider.

“We have held season ticket prices for four years but our costs continue to go up like heat, rent and electricity although our staff have gone four years with a pay rise.

“To be frank you can only expect Marcus Evans to put so much in each year.”

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