“Keekers” JET and Bolasie go head-to-head

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas - Credit: Ashley Pickering

Ipswich v Crystal Palace They have gone head-to-head on social networking site Keek in recent weeks, but tonight, Ipswich’s Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Crystal Palace’s Yannick Bolasie could be battling it out on the pitch.

The pair are good friends and, along with Frank Nouble, have been mixing it up in front of the camera, exchanging banter through the medium of rap.

Some may take their words the wrong way, but Emmanuel-Thomas insists it’s just harmless banter between friends.

“Some people take my Keeks too serious between myself and Frank Nouble and Yannick Bolasie,” said JET.

“I think they believe there is some real hatred there, but we are all friends from London.

“Yannick will upload a Keek and then phone me straight after to tell me to have a look at it. It’s all a good laugh and a joke.

“Some of the fans really do enjoy it and are just waiting my next video.”

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Meanwhile, JET revealed his attempts to perform the Blues’ very own Harlem Shake, failed to come off, due to the reluctance of his team-mates to recreate the YouTube dance sensation

“I was quite disappointed as the lads did not want to do it,” he said.

“A few players were up for it and I brought costumes but I was not going to try and force others to do it if they didn’t want to.”

The “Keeking” sensation has really caught on, with on-loan striker Aaron Mclean also featuring alongside JET, who has also demonstrated a skill for dancing.

“Aaron is totally out of the picture when it comes to singing and dancing and to be fair,” joked JET.

“I would say I was better than Frank, although he is good.”