Marcus Evans has been ‘straight and honest’ with me says Town boss

PAUL Jewell has revealed it is ‘hell’ seeing his Ipswich Town side languish near the bottom of the Championship.

Just one league win from nine, a paltry seven goals scored and a minus 10 goal differences tells the story and illustrates why the pressure is growing on Jewell.

And the honest manager has admitted he understands why owner Marcus Evans could be losing patient with the situation.

Jewell said: “Marcus has been straight and honest with me.

“He has been at this club for almost five years. He has spent a lot of money and we haven’t had the success that investment should have had. That includes me as well.”

The manager believes the majority of recent performances show his players “haven’t thrown in the towel”, but a run of two wins in 15 matches, this season and last, needs to quickly be addressed.

Jewell said: “We know we are in a sticky spell at the moment but the lads are fighting for the cause.

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“I don’t want to be down the bottom as it makes your life hell.

“I am working exceptionally hard. I love the club, I love working here and I am giving everything I have got. That’s all I can do.

“If I can look in the mirror every day and think I am doing my best, that’s fine. If I am not, or something thinks I’m not, that’s fine.”

Despite poor runs of form, both last season and this, the terraces have remained largely quiet towards the manager – apart from a couple of more high-profile incidents in recent weeks.

“I have had Wigan fans throw season tickets at me before – and they were 10th,” recalled the Town boss.

“Since I have been at Ipswich, we haven’t delivered or given fans anything to get really excited about. Every time we have, we have ended up falling flat on our faces.

“I take my job ultra-serious, I hate the situation we are in but I am going to try and fight to get out of it.”