Mick McCarthy sad to see Simon Clegg leave the club

Simon Clegg

Simon Clegg - Credit: Andrew Partridge

IPSWICH Town manager Mick McCarthy says he was sad to see chief executive Simon Clegg leave the club this week.

The Blues have announced that owner Marcus Evans will be taking a more hands-on role, while joint managing directors Ian Milne and Jonathan Symonds are set to become the public faces of the board.

Ex Town boss Roy Keane left the club with a parting shot at Clegg, while the former British Olympic Association chief has borne the brunt of fans’ frustrations at times.

McCarthy, however, had nothing but good things to say about the departing CEO.

“I had a fabulous relationship with Jez Moxley at Wolves and it was the same with Simon,” said the Blues boss.

“I’ve only been here since the start of November but we had a great working relationship. I don’t think he’s left because of me anyway!

“He’s a good guy. For whatever reason though things are changing. Good luck to him.”

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Asked if he’d been consulted at all about Clegg’s departure, McCarthy said: “I don’t regard myself as that far up the feeding pool. That’s between Marcus and Simon – it’s nothing to do with me. I was told the news the other day and, as I say, I’m quite sad to see him leaving.

“I guess it means I’ll spend a bit more time with Marcus and talk to him more. It really doesn’t bother me this though, it does not really affect me. It’s not going to change what I do in one shape or form.

“My life will be exactly the same – I’ll just be speaking to a different person.

“It’s not as if I’ve been picking him in the team, so it’s not going to affect that side of things!”

He added: “I don’t understand all the machinations of the administration side of things. People come and go like managers do, but all I can say is Simon made my job very, very easy. I slid in here seamlessly and I’m sad to see him go. Good luck to him, whatever he does.”

McCarthy will be back in the dugout tomorrow when Ipswich Town face Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.

The Blues boss missed the first game of his 20-year managerial career last weekend when flu kept him away from the 4-0 home win over Middlesbrough.

“There was no chance I could have been at the game and I’m still suffering the after effects of the flu,” said McCarthy.

“I had the game streamed through live to my iPad at my apartment in Ipswich. The performance and result made a little bit better, but I also started to feel like a bit of a fraud!

“The game was pretty ordinary for the first 25/30 minutes and I was screaming at the screen for us to up it. As is so often is the way with Championship football, whoever breaks the deadlock gains the upper hand.

“They had one chance after half-time – which is the usual chance we give every team – and then after David McGoldrick scored I don’t think it was ever in doubt after that.”

The ‘emergency’ loan window opens today, but McCarthy says he has done his business for the season. He said: “We’ve got five (domestic) loans, can’t name any more on the team sheet, so I can’t see the point in bringing in any more. The only way that would change is if one of the loanees got injured or had to go back.”

– See tomorrow’s EADT for full match preview.

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