Mike Bacon: 'Be careful what you wish for' - But we've been proved right, we saw this coming years ago

Ipswich Town fans show their appreciation at the end of the match.

Things are going to get better for Town fans - Credit: Ashley Pickering

I'm feeling extremely positive about Ipswich Town right now. And I mean very positive.

Are you serious? I hear you cry. You been on the Peroni, Bacon? Weren't you watching the Wimbledon game on iFollow?

What on my wages, iFollow and Peroni? Get out of here!

No, I'm genuinely feeling good about my football club. And here's why.

The men involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover

The four Americans involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover; Berke Bakay (top left), Mark Detmer (top middle), Brett Johnson (far right) and Edward Schwartz (bottom middle). - Credit: NA

New CEO, new chairman, new owners, new manager. Do you really think the clout that little lot enjoy is going to put up with the shambolic performances we are seeing from this current Ipswich Town squad?

Of course they won't.

There are far too many people now involved in our club who are winners. You don't get to the positions in life many of them have by putting up with mediocrity.

PAUL COOK: 'Supporters are tired and bored of us'

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In many ways - and I never thought I would ever say this - I am almost relieved the Blues current squad are stringing together such an awful run of results and performances.

I'm almost relieved to hear the manager say the fans are 'bored and tired of us'. 'Cause he's right - we are!

New Ipswich Town chairman Mike O'Leary

Ipswich Town chairman Mike O'Leary has been described as 'a wise old owl' by chief executive Mark Ashton. - Credit: ITFC

I never thought I'd say these things about ITFC - a club I've supported since I was a boy. But these are such desperate times.

I once reported on AFC Wimbledon as a non-league club when they played Debenham LC in the FA Cup at the Debenham Leisure Centre, back in 2007. Wimbledon won 5-1.

FLYNN DOWNES: 'Its been a horrible season'

I say this, because the Dons have had to battle their way up the leagues since then, showing guts and courage - and are now tonking clubs like ourselves in League One who, back in 2007 were just a few seasons out of the Premiership. Guts and courage - that's what it takes. 

Mark Ashton

Mark Ashton will start his role as Ipswich Town's new CEO at the start of June. - Credit: Archant

Here's another reason I'm feeling a bit chipper. Because our brilliant fans, who know their football, have been proved right.

'Be careful what you wish for', they said. Get lost.

We could see what was coming and we wished for nothing more than change - years ago.

We knew what dross we were being served up. Being told by so-called 'experts' that 17 years of mid-table mediocrity in the Championship and only one play-off season - plus hardly any Cup runs to speak off - was acceptable and we should 'suck it up' and be grateful.

Lowest FA Cup point: Ipswich players come off the pitch after the defeat at Sincil Bank where they l

Losing to non-league Lincoln in 2017 - 'be careful what you wish for', but fans could see the problems were already abound. - Credit: Pagepix

Trying to gaslight us.

Well, it didn't work then and it won't work now. We, the fans, are the ones who have been proved right. It was all heading downhill long before Mr Lambert and relegation from the Championship arrived.

We could see the club sliding away. We could see the standard of football deteriorating at a rate of knots, a club so out of touch with its fans it became embarrassing. The FA Cup defeat to non-league Lincoln, the show of contempt from our manager at Carrow Road that afternoon.

Relegation was just a matter of time because so much was already wrong.

Dejected Town players leave the pitch after a 3-0 defeat against AFC Wimbledon

At Wimbledon on Tuesday night - more disappointment, this time in League One! - Credit: Pagepix

The vast majority of Town fans who have supported the club for decades and know decent football when they see it, have grown up with players and managers who put the club first, second and third.

Managers and players who wanted to be part of the community. Wanted to be part of us. Money wasn't all. Of course they wouldn't always get it right on the pitch, that's life, but we didn't care, so long as they looked like they wanted it. Looked like they wanted to play for our club.

So, the 0-3 defeat at AFC Wimbledon was just another nail in the current coffin that is Ipswich Town Football Club. But it's getting towards the final nail to be drilled in, I suspect, before big change arrives.

Ipswich Town manager Paul Cook on the touchline during the Sky Bet League One match at Portman Road,

A winner - and a number of winners we now have off the pitch at Portman Road - Paul Cook - Credit: PA

Because I'm convinced our new management team - from the American owners to Paul Cook - will turn it around. They won't stand the BS, they won't stand the excuses. Don't want to be part of it? See ya!

So, by all means let's shake our heads at what's happening on the pitch right now. But let's not keep talking about the players. This isn't their time anymore.

Our future is in the hands of those off the pitch. Our future is bright.

As I said, because of that - I'm feeling very positive.

Now, pass the Peroni - I'll put it on expenses!

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