Mike Bacon: I've missed the Blues playing - perhaps it's time for us to appreciate football a bit more

Luke Chambers is congratulated by Teddy Bishop, Alan Judge and Toto Nsiala after his header put Ipsw

We do miss the footie! Even if we do moan about it! Come on you Blues! - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

It's all proving a bit bizarre.

Here we are in another lockdown and I must admit I'm just so glad football - at professional level anyhow - is continuing.

Cardboard cut-outs have been the only fans allowed inside Portman Road so far this season Picture: STEVE WALLER

Cardboard cut-outs at Portman Road and there are more important things about at the moment than football. - Credit: PA

I know there are more important things going on than football. But quite frankly, I think plenty of people's state of mind is being helped by the fact some sport is still with us. Something to take your mind off things. OK, if you are not a football fan you won't agree. But if you're not a football fan of sorts, I can't imagine you are reading this, anyhow.

It was bad enough last summer when there was no sport, no football, but at least the sun was shining.

TOWN defender available for loan

Today, as I look out of my window from what is now my new home specific work station, all I see is rain. How depressing. Yet, I'm half comforted by the thought that at least Town are playing Saturday. What if they win, say 4-0?

Crazy, isn't it? Despite all the moaning and groaning we do about the Blues - and football in general (I'm just as bad) - I'm so glad Town are (hopefully!) back in action against Swindon at the weekend.

Alan Judge congratulates Gwion Edwards on his second goal of the game. Photo: PA

You miss it when it's not there! - Credit: PA

It's times like this you realise how much you miss it when it's not there.

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I've never been bothered about having no football in June or July as it's nice to have a break - you always knew the new season was just around the corner. These days, who knows what's happening next week, let alone next season?

Neither have I ever been a big fan of the Premier League, but it's actually been nice to sit down in the evenings - approximately five yards from my new home work station - and watch, or listen on the radio, to the odd game. Drifting one away from the confines of four walls.

Aston Villa's Jack Grealish (left) celebrates scoring his side's first goal of the game during the P

Jack Grealish and plenty of other players have been entertaining us throughout this miserable period. - Credit: PA

Indeed, I take my hat off to the players - at Ipswich Town - and all over the country who are still plying their trade. I know many people will say so they should, they are paid enough, there are plenty of people plying their trade in tougher jobs. There are plenty of people who have lost their jobs. And I know a few footballers have abused restrictions - but not many.

So, I get the fact some may think I should not give football or footballers any credit. But I think that's unfair.

IT'S been all a bit of a mess.... Karl Fuller

And as regards the players, I think what's happening right now goes beyond money for most of them. Anyhow, if they didn't play, they are on contracts and would still get paid. I even think the vast majority of them understand the positivity football can bring to many people's lives, as so many look forward to matches.....

....So, it looks like the season is going to rumble on. For the Blues, I like to think the break has done some good. I know there have been Covid issues, but there have also been plenty of players who could have done with the opportunity to get closer to fitness.

James Norwood celebrates his penalty conversion at Bolton. Picture: Pagepix Ltd

A fully-fit James Norwood would be such a plus for Town - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Because I do believe a fully-fit Town squad is good enough to at least make top 6 - perhaps top 2?

It's almost like a reset now, don't you think?

The Blues have 12 league fixtures scheduled between this Saturday and Doncaster's visit on February 27. That's an awful lot of points - and there are still many more games to come.

For those of us who have forgotten. Town are currently sitting in seventh place in League One, just outside the play-offs. But it's very tight.

Ipswich Town captain Luke Chambers is now in the Town's top 10 league appearance makers. Picture: PA

Would love to skipper Luke Chambers lifting the League One trophy at the end of the season - Credit: Archant

I won't be alone in hoping my club can end what has been an awful season for so many people, on a high. Could you imagine us celebrating promotion back to the Championship in May? Chambo dancing round the pitch with the trophy aloft, with the rest of the team - 25,000 in attendance. The sun shining. We can dream.

Then again, it's going to happen to some fans and some teams.

Let's hope it's us.

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