Mike Bacon: 'Our Town, Our Team'.... It's all coming together again

Cobbold Stand pics

Images of iconic Ipswich Town players and moments have started to go up on the outside of the Cobbold Stand at Portman Road. Photo: Ross Halls - Credit: Ross Halls

We wanted a revolution! Well, we're getting one.

You can't go away for a few days at the moment without returning to find Town have bolstered their squad by another 54 signings.... well two or three.

It's tough to keep up with all the arrivals and departures, but I don't know about you, something just feels right.

Scott Fraser has signed a three-year deal at Ipswich Town. Photo: ITFC

Scott Fraser has signed a three-year deal at Ipswich Town. Photo: ITFC - Credit: ITFC

Not that I'm going to get carried away, as some fans of our League One opponents are, saying how Ipswich are 'buying the league title' and are 'nailed on promotion'.

In saying that, I don't know about you, but I like hearing it! Season tickets flying, shirt sales soar.

It's been a long time since it's been said that Ipswich Town are 'buying the league'. Hell man, that type of comment in recent years has only been attributed to the likes of Chelsea and Man City. I'll take that any day. Indeed, the only thing we've 'bought' in recent seasons is frustration to our superb fans.

Joe Pigott has signed a three-year deal with Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town striker Joe Pigott faces his former club AFC Wimbledon tomorrow. - Credit: ITFC

Not that I think we are 'buying the title'.

The bottom line is the Blues are a big club in League One with attendances t'boot. It's not a case of 'buying' anything. The fact is the Club can afford it and if you can afford it then it's ambition that makes you spend it. It's ambition we now clearly enjoy.

Have you seen the unveiling of new artwork on the Cobbold Stand? It's underway and boy it looks good.That side of the ground was looking so embarrassingly shabby.

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One of the first unveilings of the artwork says, 'Our Town, Our Team' and features the likes of Richard Wright, Paul Cooper, Frans Thijssen, Luke Chambers and Paul Mariner, who we so sadly lost recently.

What a splendid thing to do and how fantastic it is.

How refreshing that the new owners, chairman, manager and CEO all embrace our history. 

“I come in every day and it frustrates me. It upsets me,” Mark Ashton said recently about the stadium. “It’s tired, it’s rundown and I would ask the fans to bear with us because we will bring this club back to life."

Talking the talk and then walking the walk. Exactly how it should be.

It's beyond me why anyone who comes into our club should be worried about our history. History that, yes, is hard to replicate. But our past is there to show us what our future is capable of being. We should embrace our past, not fret about it.

George Burley celebrates victory at Wembley. Picture: ARCHANT

George Burley helped create history at Town as a player. He then came back and did it as a manager. The past never worried him. Here he is at Wembley 2000 - Credit: PROFESSIONAL SPORT

Okay, things are different today than in Sir Bobby and Sir Alf's day. But no-one told John Lyall that or George Burley, as they went on to create new memories, new histories. No-one told former chairman David Sheepshanks that our history is just that, so let's just park it and be grateful.

Go create your own history, it's quite simple.

And I so hope this new group of players and Paul Cook, who I took to from day one and have never waivered my opinion of as being the man for the job, are set to do that.

Ipswich Manager Paul Cook before the pre-season friendly at Dartford

Ipswich Manager Paul Cook before the pre-season friendly at Dartford - Credit: Pagepix

The new season is just around the corner. There is not likely to be a series of 5-0 wins and an unbeaten start to the season that stretches until the first week in November.

We are going to lose, we are going to draw, we are going to win.

However, there is no doubt in my mind from all that is going on both on and off the pitch at Portman Road, that this is the best shape we have been in for many, many years.

And I can't wait.