Mike Bacon: Game on! And history could be on our side - here's why...

Town fans celebrate at Doncaster Rovers.

Town fans celebrate at Doncaster Rovers. Is there more celebration to come? - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Okay, let's only whisper it. Not get too excited.

But you know, and I know, the Blues are right back in the promotion hunt.

Six points is nothing to catch up. We're fifth in the current last six-game form guide, above the likes of Wigan, Plymouth, Wycombe and Sunderland. And two wins in the last four days have been a godsend.

Tyreeq Bakinson celebrates opening the scoring for Ipswich at Doncaster

Tyreeq Bakinson celebrates opening the scoring for Ipswich at Doncaster - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Beating two teams in the bottom four won't go down as our finest moments this season. But the importance cannot be over-emphasised.

Right now you can forget your fancy performances, we are heading into 'results are all that count' territory.

Forget the manager running on the pitch high-fiving Bluey. Forget the fanfares, the headlines and all the fun and games that surrounded the start of the season. That's gone. Now is the real deal.

The team have had a lot to make up after such a poor start. But make it up they are doing.

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Kieran McKenna is going about his business in a quiet and relaxed manner and I must admit I'm impressed. For the first time in what seems years, our club feels like it is all about the fans and the players, not the manager.

That is no disrespect to McKenna. Far from it. It's the most massive of compliments. Because the young Irishman is making his mark in the best way possible. He's getting on with getting results. Not hitting us with sound bites and drama.

It may be early days with the new boss, but it's the home stretch for this season. Are we finding our winning form at just the right time? Well, along with Sheffield Wednesday, I think we are.

Conor Chaplin with a first half effort at Doncaster Rovers.

Conor Chaplin with a first half effort at Doncaster Rovers. - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Saturday's trip to MK Dons looks an absolute belter and what a result it would be if we could pick up three points.

However, let's remember we aren't going to win our last 15 games. No way. Then again nor is anyone else. We will lose games. But it's how many we lose that will determine our fate. How many draws we turn into wins. And we're in a winning, not drawing, habit.

I'm not sure McKenna still knows his best team, or if he's just rotating a squad that quite frankly has 15 to 18 decent enough players for League One, so that's quite plausible, and to be honest I don't really care.

Right now, he and his players are getting the job done.

Winning at Wimbledon, winning at Doncaster, winning at home to Accrington, beating Gillingham home and away. These potentially ugly, scrappy games we are suddenly coming out on top of, unlike at the start of the season.

For me, the signing of Christian Walton has been the biggest boost to the squad, certainly in recent weeks and for me the best piece of business this season.

Tyreeq Bakinson on the ball at Doncaster Rovers.

Tyreeq Bakinson on the ball at Doncaster Rovers. - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

So much stems from a solid defence. So much stems from a good goalkeeper. Check out the Premier League, check out the top teams' No.1. It's a vital position.

Am I getting carried away? No.

As someone who has seen Town plenty of times in play-off action, mainly back in the George Burley and Joe Royle days, a total of six play-offs albeit just the one glorious victory in 2000, I must admit if Ipswich were to sneak in the play-offs this time round, I have a good feeling. Why?

Because for most of those Burley/Royle play-off experiences we were near the top of the table much of the season, expectations were high throughout the campaign, only to fall at the play-off hurdles. Only 1999/2000 was so different.

Ipswich Manager Kieran McKenna celebrates the away win at Doncaster.

Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna celebrates the away win at Doncaster. - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

If I hark back to the Bobby Robson days I was so lucky to enjoy, the one year throughout a glorious run of top six Division One finishes that gained us European spots, when we had a poor league campaign was 1978. And we know what happened that year.

This season we have hardly threatened the play-offs, or anything to be honest. Not as yet!

This season we all said after our poor start, it's how we finish that counts. Was that more in hope than expectation? Probably.

This season, I think it's fair to say six weeks ago many of us thought was as good as over.

It's not. And even if it doesn't all go well at MK Dons, it's still not. The Blues have fought their way back into contention, make no bones about it.

So, whisper it, keep calm. It's game on!