Northstander: Ipswich Town boss Mick McCarthy’s after-match words were offensive... on two fronts

Bersant Celina gets a pat on the back from Mick McCarthy after the final whistle at Burton Albion Pi

Bersant Celina gets a pat on the back from Mick McCarthy after the final whistle at Burton Albion Picture Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Mick McCarthy’s ludicrous and offensive post-match comments on Saturday sum up the vast gulf which has developed between the manager and fans. And it’s his fault!, says Northstander, Terry Hunt.

His words were offensive on two counts.

Firstly, his media conference was littered with swear words. What kind of example does he think that sets to young, impressionable supporters?

Secondly, what he said was - once again - incredibly rude and disrespectful to the loyal travelling fans, who had paid good money to travel to Burton.

McCarthy insists he didn’t put Celina on because of the fans

Yes, it can’t have been easy having to listen to the negative chanting as Ipswich struggled against a very poor Burton team. But surely a manager with his experience needs to rise above that?

Why did he have to labour the point that match-winner Bersant Celina hadn’t been brought on in response to the Town supporters calling for him to come off the bench? And then to go further, and suggest that the more the fans call for a certain player, the less likely he is to appear, is truly a daft thing to say. Come on, Mick, you’re better than that.

McCarthy’s post-match performance should not draw attention away from the real issue: why is he so reluctant to use Celina? The loanee is just what we need to add excitement to a dull and sterile picture for us long-suffering fans.

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He has flair, he scores goals, and he shows passion. Look at his goal celebration on Saturday. Wonderful stuff. He has the kind of maverick quality that we loved so much in Martijn Reuser.

Ok, he’s not consistent, but when he’s on the pitch there’s always the chance of something truly wonderful happening. You don’t get that from a team of workhorses. So why are we only seeing glimpses of his talent?

The answer, of course, is that he doesn’t fit McCarthy’s ultra pragmatic, ultra cautious approach to every game.

Five observations of Town’s win at Burton

I could live with that - just about - if the manager showed more respect to the thousands of supporters who have stuck by the club despite 16 mostly tedious years in the second tier.

But what I can’t tolerate is McCarthy’s dismissive attitude to us. We do pay his wages, after all!

That’s why I’ll be glad to see him go at the end of this season. And I don’t think I’m alone.

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