Northstander: This is so much better than last season, now keep it going!

Mick McCarthy talks to the referee after the final whistle at Leeds. Picture: PAGEPIX LTD

Mick McCarthy talks to the referee after the final whistle at Leeds. Picture: PAGEPIX LTD - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Predictably, we didn’t get anything at Leeds. But, instead of McCarthy getting a load of stick, there’s been quite a positive reaction, writes Northstander Terry Hunt.

That proves the point a lot of us have been making. It’s not ALL about results. Our performances, and the way we approach games, also matter hugely.

We had a good go at Leeds, and could easily have come away with a point. We kept the ball well, our passing was good, and we stayed in the game against a team who will certainly finish in the top six, if not the top two.

So, well done, lads, and well done, Mick McCarthy. This is so much better than the toe curling sterility of last season.

We’re scoring goals, for goodness sake. We’ve netted 14 times in eight league games, which isn’t at all shabby. Having McGoldrick fit and firing makes a massive difference. When he’s playing like this, he’s one of the best players in this league.

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We all accept that we’re not a top six team. Mid-table is a fair aspiration. But there’s no reason why we can’t entertain while beating the struggling teams and probably not being able to match the promotion contenders.

I’m really looking forward to the next two games, both at home, against Sunderland tomorrow night and then Bristol City on Saturday.

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Sunderland have struggled after relegation. We need to make sure their misery continues, and not act as the perfect hosts as we did so many times last season. I’ve lost count of the number of times our opponents ended a dreadful run against oh-so friendly Ipswich Town.

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Bristol City is a dangerous game. I get a feeling that some Ipswich supporters simply expect it to be a routine win against perennial strugglers. Errr, have you looked at the league table, and the West Country side’s results, including a draw up the road on Saturday? They will be tough.

It will be interesting to see the attendances for those two games. As I said last week, people will need to be persuaded that things really have improved and that the football is worth watching again. Two entertaining games in the next five days will play a big part.