On the search for Bosman signings – Paul Jewell is speaking to agents

IPSWICH Town manager Paul Jewell is already speaking to the agents of potential Bosman free transfer signings.

The Blues boss admitted he didn’t know if other clubs had contacted any of his soon to be out-of-contract players. However, he did reveal that he has spoken to a few agents himself.

“That goes on,” said Jewell. “It’s not like the season finishes and everyone suddenly picks the phone up – it’s an ongoing thing. Even when the transfer window is shut you are always speaking to agents.

“There will be more players available for free because this summer because there is less money about.

“I’ve just spoken to two agents this morning about players who are out of contract in the summer and I’m sure our lads who are out of contract are telling their agents to see what offers are about. That’s the way the world is.”

He added: “It’s a difficult balancing act because on one hand you want to get in there quick for these players, but sometimes if you make the first offer they use that as a bargaining tool with other clubs.

“They call them free transfers or Bosmans now because it can work in the players’ favour, but in my day we used to call it the sack!”