Our Ipswich Town is on its knees – and yet only a few seem to care

Jonas Knudsen battles to stay on his feet as he is challenged by David Davis on Saturday. Picture: S

Jonas Knudsen battles to stay on his feet as he is challenged by David Davis on Saturday. Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

When a work colleague found out on Friday that I write a weekly column on Town, he enquired as to what on earth I find to write about every week, says Karl Fuller.

I told him that mostly these days I write about 1-1 draws coupled with poor performances and a lot of apathy.

And so Saturday was another example as we drew for the 16th time this season.

Another point that not only further distanced ourselves from the bottom three but also the current regime in charge at Portman Road - just when you think that they could not be ostracised any more by the majority of fans.

I took my 10 year-old daughter to the game which meant having to step out of the lower Sir Bobby Robson (SBR) tier and took up a seat in the middle tier of the Co-op stand.

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This gave a whole different viewpoint of what was sung and the effect it should have had.

All week prior to the game, there were rally cries aplenty of how fans should put to one side our differences with the club and support the players for 90 minutes throughout two very important home games.

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But some of the calls were coming from those outside this very area.

I sat watching on just after Birmingham scored at the chants coming out of the lower SBR and where I’d usually be in amongst this,

I felt very estranged in the area that I was sat.

Then when I dared as much to applaud in agreement, the reaction that I got from those around me was of horrified daggers and this spoke more clearly than any chant that emanated from my left.

I read that so many people are unhappy with the situation at our club yet so many can’t be bothered to do anything about it.

Fair enough, I understand if those who do not like singing are not happy with the wording of the content being sung and fair enough if one disagrees with what’s being sung.

But at least then make some noise of encouragement and don’t try to make one feel uncomfortable for daring to agree with an opinion.

And this is where the likes of Messrs Evans, Milne and McCarthy will not be overly bothered by anything said.

To be fair, they get a very smooth ride at Ipswich compared to what others would get at most clubs.

They’d want the atmosphere to better of course they would.

But while there’s just a bit of disquiet from a couple of thousand fans in one tier of one part of the ground, in the great scheme of things, it’s little to cause them sleepless nights.

If Evans does not have a plan to at least be competitive, then I want him out as much as anyone.

But does he want to sell up?

And have you ever tried to find a buyer for a clapped-out old banger of a car?

You’ll only sell to an interested buyer and who would be interested in us right now?

Our club is on its knees, only a hard-core of fans care and not enough fans are voicing their opinions - the message is not loud enough.

We are sleepwalking towards League One – maybe not this year, but maybe next year or the year after.

It’s all very well thinking that let’s get safe, draw the line under this season and we’ll go again next season.

That was the attitude a year ago and we should just get lucky come May, 7.

But if the mentality from the top doesn’t change, who knows where we’d be this time next year.

We could be the next Portsmouth or Coventry City.

Drastic thoughts maybe but someone at the top needs to wake up and realise what’s on the horizon, I don’t see it getting any better under Evans.

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