Parachutist holds up Town game

VIDEO Kick-off at Ipswich Town's Championship match against Burnley was delayed after a Red Devil caused chaos.

KICK-off Ipswich Town's Championship match against Burnley was delayed today after a Red Devil caused chaos.

Six members of the Parachute Regiment's elite Red Devils display team were due to land in the middle of the Turf Moor pitch before today's match in Lancashire.

Five made the drop successfully, the sixth missed and landed on the roof of the stand housing the Ipswich fans.

He appeared to be uninjured, but the match could not start until he was rescued from the stand - firefighters were called in but had difficulty in finding a ladder long enough to reach him.

The firefighters also had difficulty in getting access to the stand because their way was blocked by cars parked nearby.

As he waited to be rescued the soldier was apparently watching a cricket match behind the ground as the football crowd burst into a spontaneous chorus of; “You don't know what you're doing.”

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Football reporter Derek Davis said: “I've seen matches delayed for all kinds of reasons in my time, but this is a first for all of us here!

“It's a bit blustery but they must have known what the conditions are - and the other five managed to land safely although only one got into the centre circle.

“We all reckon he'll be off the team and back with the normal regiment tomorrow,” he joked.