Mike Bacon: Cook must not begin to blame himself - we've been heading south for years

Paul Cook watching the warm up before the match against Northampton Town

Paul Cook - give him plenty of time - Credit: Pagepix

Just as the European Super League was on its last legs, so were Ipswich Town's League One play-off hopes after the debacle at Northampton.

I hope Paul Cook doesn't begin to think too deeply about all this. Because it is starting to sound like he might.

"The first level of criticism comes to me and to my staff," he said after the Northampton defeat.

Not so sure about that.

Cook needs to understand this awful capitulation over the last dozen games or so from his squad of players isn't down to him - we've been heading south for years.

Reaction from the players to going two behind against Northampton Town

Reaction from the Ipswich Town players to going two behind at Northampton on Tuesday night. Photo: Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix

Cook isn't  the first manager to have his reputation bruised by Ipswich Town in recent seasons - we just hope he'll be the last.

I've seen some fans beginning to question his appointment. Well, I'm sorry that's crazy. Yes, his record since being here is rubbish. He knows that, we know that. He can't squeak a tune out of these players no more than Lambert or Hurst could - so who is to blame?

PAUL COOK: 'We've got to do better, including myself'

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It not just Marcus Evans who has been the common dominator in our club's disgraceful slide down the leagues in the last decade - we do have players on the pitch you know! It's up to them to put the ball in the net - and to keep the ball out of our net!

But let's not go there. Let's just forget it and look forward to the summer.

Kane Vincent-Young is disappointed to have a second half chance saved against Northampton Town

Kane Vincent-Young is disappointed to have a second half chance saved against Northampton Town - Credit: Pagepix

If by some outrageous miracle we win our last four games, the play-offs and final at Wembley and are in the Championship next season, I still predict big summer changes. I think we all know that.

So, am I still positive about the future of our club?

Well, of course, but much will depend on how our American owners are viewing things right now from across the Pond.

The men involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover

The four Americans involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover; Berke Bakay (top left), Mark Detmer (top middle), Brett Johnson (far right) and Edward Schwartz (bottom middle). - Credit: NA

Hopefully, either the games are too late, or too early, for them to sit up and watch, or their iFollow keeps glitching, so they don't get to experience the full extent of such recent performances at Wimbledon and Northampton. Then again, maybe it would be a good thing for them to see it, warts and all - which I'm sure they do.

For the fans, I feel your pain. We all feel the pain.

Do you know - and sorry to name drop, I'm not trying to be smart. But in the last week I have spoken to Mick Mills, Russell Osman and George Burley regarding various features - done and to be done.

George Burley, who faced Diego Maradona on the international scene both as a player and as a manager

It was good to catch up with George Burley this week. A true Town legend - Credit: Archant

I don't know how many Town appearances, goals, England caps, Scottish caps and trophies there are between just that little lot. And how many clean sheets?

Oh, how times change.

Anyhow, back to the real world.... Thanks to all those who enjoyed my cameo appearance on the Kings of Anglia podcast recently.


Andy Warren, Stuart Watson and a guest appearance from Mike Bacon on this week's KOA Podcast - Credit: Archant

It's a fine Ipswich Town podcast which you should all listen to. I pop in on occasions for a chat and always enjoy talking Ipswich Town with my fellow colleagues, even if these days the chat is more James Bond and Judge Dredd than ITFC - take a listen, you will know what I mean.

So - and I can't believe I'm saying this - it's AFC Wimbledon again on Saturday - this time at Portman Road. They are on a roll, we're more a mouldy loaf.

Still, you never know!

File photo dated 19-04-2021 of a selection of of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manch

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur scarves. A European Super League no more. - Credit: PA

I suppose if we have learned anything during recent developments regarding the European Super League, it's the massive part fans have to play in a football club.

I'm confident our new owners know it already, they are making all the right noises.

KARL FULLER: 'I didn't know whether to laugh or cry'

I must admit I'm surprised the 'big six' were so stunned by the fury their ESL breakaway ideas had. In fact I can't believe how out of touch they clearly are.

It hasn't been all sweetness and light at Portman Road between management and fans in recent seasons of course.

That needs to change. So much needs to change.

The Portman Road boardroom is going to need the biggest blank piece of paper we can find to start all over again - but we'll find it.

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