Lambert laughs off reports of 'massive crisis' meeting with Evans

Town manager Paul Lambert animated on the touchline.

Town manager Paul Lambert animated on the touchline. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

A national report on Friday night suggested a planned meeting between Paul Lambert and Marcus Evans, revealed by the Town boss, was held on Friday, rather than next week.

Lambert was asked about it by the EADT and Ipswich Star following today's 0-0 draw with Oxford.

You said yesterday Paul that you were due to speak to Marcus next week but there were national reports last night that it happened yesterday... 

PL: “What, the massive, massive, massive, massive crisis meeting I’m having. That one?” 

It wasn’t our report, it was a national report 

PL: *coughs* “b******t”. I know it wasn’t, aye, you’re right. 

“The big meeting I’m meant to be having? Maybe it’s coming, maybe it doesn’t happen. I don’t know. I need to speak to him. 

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Was there a meeting yesterday? 

PL: “Maybe. Who was I in a meeting with? Did you call somebody in the club?” 

No, I’m saying it was a national report. 

PL: “I’m just trying to work it out. Did someone tell you from within the club?” 

I was just asking if, after a national report, there was a meeting yesterday? 

PL: “Oh for God’s sake. No. Is that alright? 

Fair enough 


National reporter 

Paul it’s been an eventful week and it feels like you’re coming out fighting? 

PL: “Aye, but I’m a fighter. If you take me on I’ll fight you. Same with the team. I’ve never had anything thrown at me easy and I’m a fighter. We’ll got and fight, the same with the team and that’s a great thing.” 

You’ve said there are problems at this club that are bigger than you. How do you deal with that as a manager? 

PL: “Yeah but you have a chat with the owner. He’s a good guy and I have no problem with him. Me and Marcus talk and it’s not unusual for me to talk to him. 

“His businesses are way above mine but we get on well. I don’t have a problem with him and he doesn’t have a problem with me. 

“These meetings that people fabricate are bang out of order. There’s nothing there. Whenever he’s available (we talk). I don’t know where he is but I work with him.” 

You’ve said structures here around you and above you could be better... 

PL: “Aye and that will remain private. I’ve been at huge football clubs, massive European clubs. I know how structure works. 

“But that’s between me and Marcus.”