Positive vibe creates a different type of energy

THERE is one big difference between Ipswich Town this season, and Ipswich Town last term – the VIBE!

Manager Roy Keane admitted as much during yesterday’s Portman Road press conference, when he spoke of the hang-ups that had surrounded some of his players who have since left the club.

The vibe was a negative one; but now it’s positive. And the net result has been a five-match unbeaten run with four wins and a draw at the start of this season.

Town entertain Bristol City in their sixth match of the campaign tomorrow.

“With regards every player at the football club at the moment, I don’t seen any negative energy, or players coming in feeling like it’s a chore to train or to play for Ipswich Town,” explained Keane.

“I feel that every player on our books is coming in and giving it a go, and that gives you a chance.

“If you’ve got players coming in, moaning all the time that the world is against them, and they can’t even get in for a quarter to 10, then you get rid of them. Even then they are moaning!

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“Get them out the door, that’s what I say,” added Keane.

The squad numbers are certainly down this year, and Keane is not expecting anymore new players before the transfer window closes at the end of this month.

But, according to the Town boss, the boat is no longer rocking; it’s steady.

Keane insisted: “Last year, there were players I wasn’t particularly comfortable with. Maybe with their attitude to training, and deep down they probably knew that if I’d half a chance, I would get shot of them.

“Maybe that’s the difference now, with the players we have got at the club.

“But I’m not including everyone in that. Don’t think that of Garvs (Owen Garvan) or Steady (Jon Stead) or Jon Walters. Don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush.

“But there’s one or two players who left the club who I thought, when they weren’t in the team.

“I don’t expect my players to be happy when they are not playing, but they still have to come in and set an example, especially the more experienced players. You’ve got to set an example to the younger players,” added Keane.

The Irishman did not name names, but in the past he has made no secret of his disappointment of certain players’ attitudes.

“One or two players who left the club, over the last month or two, realistically they were players who may not have been in my plans.

“The fact they’ve moved on has created a different type of energy about the club.”

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