Former Ipswich Town boss Keane as you've never seen him before

Micah Richards and Roy Keane took a road trip ahead of Euro 2020

Micah Richards and Roy Keane took a road trip ahead of Euro 2020 - Credit: Skybet

It’s fair to say Micah Richards brings out a different side of former Ipswich Town boss Roy Keane. 

The Irishman - hardman midfielder, turned Town manager, turned sharp-tongued pundit – had a certain reputation during his career in the game as his steely focus and drive to win saw him come across as being ultra-serious. 

But there’s certainly a lighter side, that much has slowly become clear during his time on Sky Sports. 

It’s there he works alongside former Manchester City defender Micah Richards and the pair have been spending even more time together of late, driving from the North West to London as part of a mini series ahead of Euro 2020. 

The two chat about football, the tournament, personalities, film, music and even debate the merit of fireworks, bringing out a different side of the man who managed Ipswich from 2009-11. 

There’s even a special guest appearance from Gary Neville, as well as a brief reference to his time managing the Blues. 

You can watch all five episodes below. 

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