Roy Keane on his Ipswich players chasing women

IPSWICH TOWN: Roy Keane expects his younger players to go to nightclubs and chase women.

But the Blues manager insists that this must not interfere with their training.

Keane’s squad are due back for pre-season training on June 28 to embark on preparations for a Championship season that could determine the Irishman’s managerial career.

He expects his players to work hard and to be disciplined.

But he expects them to let their hair down when the time is right.

“If all my players were tucked up in bed at 11pm on a Saturday night there would be something wrong,” said Keane.

“When I was 20 years old I was straight down the pub.

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“You expect young men to go to clubs and chase girls.

“But they have to ensure that they don’t get into the wrong crowd and they need to be with people they can trust when they are out.

“If a footballer steps out of line it is front page news.

“Mobile phones are now a problem with their ability to take photographs.

“I don’t know if my players go to London on a night out or not, but I have given some the benefit of the doubt.”

Keane admits that everybody is different, but that he loved training and would be playing football every day if he could from the age of seven or eight.

And he met players with similar philosophies at an early stage of his career.

“Too many players need an arm around the shoulder these days,” added Keane.

“Stuart Pearce and then Bryan Robson were club team mates of mine and were captains of England. But they were unbelievable trainers.

“This set the tone for me and we didn’t need a kick up the backside to get us giving our best at all times.”

Keane’s advice to players is to enjoy their playing days adding: “You maybe play 15 or 16 years, yet you can manage for 30 years.”

He hinted at the importance of this season to his desire to stay in football, saying:

“I’ve set myself up to be a good manager.

“I’ve also set myself up for a fall. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

“Promotion is my aim with Ipswich in 2010/11, but we said that 12 months ago and did not back it up.

“We competed against the top teams, but let ourselves down against the lesser clubs – and that happened too often.”

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