Tales of the Weston terror twins

THE recent story of the coaching success of the Weston twins Kenny and Matt has brought back memories to a number of former team mates during the youngsters’ time at Portman Road.

They did not make the grade with Town but now have a successful coaching company based in the USA and Australia.

The pair were recognised as terrors who loved a laugh, and one former team mate who wished to remain anonymous recalled:

“Another apprentice, Graham Mansfield, had given the lads a lift and been egged on to drive past a little old lady walking on the footpath when going through a puddle, subsequently drenching her. Trouble is she then saw the car turn into the ground leading to a call to the manager’s office.

“The pair were also known to drive around Ipswich with towels wrapped around their heads and sunglasses on and cause concern to people they pulled up alongside at traffic lights.”

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And there are more comments from ex-players with confirmation that the twins had a number of different digs.

“This was probably because they were cheeky. In one Kenny would whack the oven on full and leave the door open to heat the house and the gas bill must have been massive.

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“There was also a massive egg fight in one rear garden where four of us were covered in eggs.

“The landlord came home later that evening and was unhappy when he had to forego eggs for supper and then saw egg running down the glass of the window.”

And the twins’ antics were not all confined to away from the club.

A further recollection goes as follows: “Eddie Youds, being a scouser, loved to give the twins, who were from Manchester, stick about their haircuts.

“One day the youth team, reserves and first team were warming up together and Youdsy started on them.

“After a couple of remarks Matty retorted in a brilliant Manchester accent ‘You can talk about looks Youdsy you look like you’ve spent your life in the middle of a scrum’.

“The whole group of players collectively roared in laughter and Youdsy went bright red and shut up.

“I think Matty had waited for the right time to upstage him and Eddie seemed to find a new respect for them after that.

“It was all good innocent fun and they were good players who weren’t really given a decent crack at it down at Ipswich.”

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