Talking Point: Ipswich Town fans give their views on the dire start to the season

We asked the people of Ipswich whois to blame for Ipswich Town’s current dismal run of form.

Here is what they said:

Name: Aaron Caley, 20

From: Cranberry Square, Ipswich

Comment: “Simon Clegg is partly to blame but Paul Jewell needs to play more younger players and stop changing the team. It’s like Norwich a few years ago and I think we will get relegated.”

Name: Martin Patience, 47

From: Riverside Road, Ipswich

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Comment: “I don’t think it’s Paul Jewell’s fault because any manager would have struggled with the situation. I think Marcus Evans should have given him more funds to work with.”

Name: Matt Malecki, 33

From: London Road, Ipswich

Comment: “I think it’s the players’ fault. They are not showing enough fight or passion. They should be fighting in every game but I don’t see that. They need to show more spirit to get us going again.”

Name: James Whittingham, 25

From: Roman Way, Felixstowe

Comment: “I think Paul Jewell should stay. I don’t think it’s his fault. I think he is the right man to get us up the league. He has given younger players a go and needs more time.”

Name: Owen Rachel, 23

From: Fishbane Close, Ipswich

Comment: “Paul Jewell is mostly to blame. The transfer policy he has employed has been abysmal. Signing Lee Bowyer speaks for itself. There are too many players on loan as well.”

Name: Colin Rivers, 43

From: Queen’s Road, Felixstowe

Comment: It’s not working with the manager but he should be given more time to turn it around.

“But the players could also play better for him.”

Who do you think is to blame? Leave your comment