Terry Connor’s shooting drills hailed by McGoldrick

Terry Connor and Mick McCarthy

Terry Connor and Mick McCarthy - Credit: Archant

Terry Connor’s shooting drills will help Ipswich Town finding the net on a regular basis this season.

So says Blues boss Mick McCarthy and striker David McGoldrick after the latter scored twice to give Town a 2-0 home win over Brighton on Saturday.

Much has been made of the way McCarthy – a tough centre-back during his playing days – has transformed the previously soft-centred Blues into a supremely organised and hard-to-beat outfit.

Assistant boss Connor – a free-scoring striker for Leeds and Brighton during the 80s – has been focussing on the attacking side of the game in training though, with the goal tally much-improved at the start of this campaign.

“Didsy’s second goal was straight off the training pitch,” said McCarthy, whose side have scored 11 goals in nine games having finished last season with a paltry tally of just 48.

“That’s a feather in TC’s cap because I could just see that twisting and turning and the way he shoots across the keeper from the work he does with the strikers during the week.”

McGoldrick – who has now scored five goals in nine league games – said: “TC gets you out in the morning before the rest of the midfielders and defenders and has us working on finishing for an hour.

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“It’s not just shoot, shoot, shoot; there are so many drills. You can tell he puts a lot of thought into his sessions.

“It’s paying off because my second goal today was straight off the training field. This week he had us running at a mannequin and firing off shots as soon as you’re past it. He’s one of the best finishing coaches I’ve worked with and that’s shown today.”

Emphasising Connor’s important role as his loyal No.2, McCarthy said: “TC marks them out of 10 and we check the marks every week. If you’ve got a team that’s got seven out of 10 all across the board, you’ve generally got a chance of winning. If you’ve got a few fours and fives, that’s when you get beaten.

“It’s all about marks afterwards, TC’s marks, and I have a look at them.”