The booing from some Norwich fans at the end suggests a much better result for us, than them!

Ipswich Town fans at enjoy the derby game against Norwich at Carrow Road on February 26. Picture: Pa

Ipswich Town fans at enjoy the derby game against Norwich at Carrow Road on February 26. Picture: Pagepix

I’m not so sure if a draw was a fair result but one I would definitely have taken before kick-off.

Possession was almost even but Norwich fans will point to their 14-1 corner count and their seven shots on target to our one to claim they deserved more.

The fact that some booing could be heard from a section of their fans though at the final whistle suggests it was a better result for us than it was for them. And what of Jonas Knudsen? He has taken over as the new Danny Haynes – he certainly loves a goal against Norwich and incidentally, this was our 200th live TV goal. I wasn’t suffering with pre-match nerves like most, partly because it seems so inevitable these days that we cannot expect too much against Norwich.

I thought we started well enough and for the second derby game in a row, the match officials conspired to be against us.

How David McGoldrick was deemed to have conceded a free-kick from an early Town corner was beyond belief. Anyone who saw the incident will have seen how he was rugby tackled to the ground.

Ipswich fans still have fresh in the memory the penalty given against us at Reading earlier in the season in a similar situation. One day we’ll get a penalty in return I guess. Although Norwich saw more of the ball thereafter and forced a number of corners, I thought that we coped ok. Bart kept us in it with some fine saves after the interval and was deserved man of the match.

After the four games leading up to yesterday’s match, it is fair to say that we’ve put in some really good performances. Ok, we might have drawn three of those four games but on the whole, it was a nice turnaround from all that had occurred for most of the season beforehand. hose of us that have wanted Mick McCarthy out of Ipswich for such a long time have been accused of going quiet by those that have always remained firmly behind Mick, with some going as far as crawling back under the stone from where we came.

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Personally, I find this disrespectful both to myself as a person and for my opinion. During half-time of the recent home game against Leeds United, my friend thought that I was ‘Mick out’ beyond the point of return. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes’ I’ve wanted Mick out for a long time and still champion a change in the summer. That is unless performances continue as they have for much of February and Mick is properly backed by Marcus Evans in the next transfer window. Five games do not right the wrongs of my opinion of 18 months in my opinion and but as I wrote last week, this is a start for Mick. I’d love nothing more than for him to turn things around and prove me and many others wrong.

So, while I will not be crawling back, I will give credit where credit is due and say that Mick has done a good job in the last month. But I want to see him doing a good job for the next few months and beyond. Keep going with the performances of late and let’s see where it takes us.

And by the way, it is also the club itself as much as Mick that needs to make things better for us suffering fans.

The impending announcement of the 2017/18 season tickets will be a benchmark of how the club will want to improve things for us. But don’t forget that our recent change in our performances has come with the benefit of loan players who may not be with us come August. A return to where we were in January will have the outers crawling back out from under their stones. A good month nevertheless.

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