Top-end Ipswich Town tickets among most expensive in Championship league

Ipswich Town fans in fine voice at Watford. Photo: PAGEPIX LTD

Ipswich Town fans in fine voice at Watford. Photo: PAGEPIX LTD

Top-end ticket prices for Ipswich Town Championship games have emerged as some of the most expensive in the league.

Adult admissions for the home game against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday, August 15, start at £27.50, with some stands priced at £37.50 and top end tickets reaching £42.50.

The game is in the Grade B band, with Grade A banded games costing around £42 per ticket for big matches against teams such as Norwich City.

The news comes after many frustrated Sheffield Wednesday fans complained over social media about the prices of the tickets.

Nigel Richardson tweeted: “£37.50 for Ipswich is disgusting and we should boycott it. They should not be allowed to charge that much – no one else does.”

Tom Hocking tweeted: “The £37.50 #itfc are charging #swfc is also obscene. This is why all fans should work together to reduce all prices.”

In a poll on the Ipswich Star website which questioned nearly 800 fans on whether they thought the ticket prices were too steep, 94% responded saying they thought the prices were too expensive, while just 6% thought they were not.

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However, Ipswich Town Football Club has insisted that prices remain the same as last year.

Media manager Steve Pearce, said: “The matchday ticket prices for the new season have been frozen at last year’s prices for 99% of our supporters.

“The game against Sheffield Wednesday is a Grade B game, with supporters in the lower stands all around the stadium paying £27.50 for a matchday ticket. The higher price tickets are for premium views, on the halfway line.

“Supporters who purchase season tickets will always get the best value, with adult season tickets in the lower stands around the ground paying less than £18 for a ticket to watch the 23 Championship games at Portman Road.

“Our junior season ticket of £10 for U11s is one of the best offers in the country and has been running now for a number of years and it’s clear that supporters have picked up on the value of a season ticket as sales are up by 16 per cent year on year.”

Comparisons with other Championship teams has revealed that the top-end £42.50 tickets are second only to Sheffield Wednesday’s premium price of £46, and similar to Fulham, Leeds and Brighton tickets at between £40 and £42 for the most expensive games.

For many Championship clubs, top end tickets did not exceed £35, with most matchday tickets priced at between £25 and £33. Standard Ipswich prices were priced at £27.50.

A spokeswoman from the official Ipswich Town Supporters Club said that price was not necessarily the deciding factor in fans attending games.

“For the majority of matches, the cheapest adult matchday ticket is £21, and that price covers thousands of seats, and in all four stands,” she said.

“Even for the more expensive games (category B), the cheapest matchday price is £27.50, again covering thousands of seats, and in all four stands.

“Last season, the more expensive games were actually the best-attended – so it doesn’t seem that price is the main factor in determining attendances.

“Of course, many fans pay lower prices, as Town are far more generous than most clubs when it comes to concessions – we offer discounts to everyone under the age of 20, full-time students above 20, and all over-60s. This is unusual.

“Game after game, those top price tickets (in Blocks D and Y, for example) are the first to sell out. Many fans are happy to pay a higher price for a middle-or upper-tier seat on the side stands.

“That should not be criticised, the point is that nobody is forced to pay that price.”