Town players being fed the right diet

IT IS not just on the football field where Ipswich Town's players are being fed the right diet.

Elvin King

IT IS not just on the football field where Ipswich Town's players are being fed the right diet.

What they eat is deemed to be vital to their performance on the field - and Town's young players are being educated in correct eating habits.

Mike Rieder, head of conference and hospitality at Portman Road, has already worked individually with rising stars Owen Garvan, Shane Supple, Jaime Peters and Billy Clarke to pass on tips about good eating.

And the net is due to be spread wider with wives and girlfriends of more senior players being invited to brush up on their dietary habits.

Rieder spent part of last week with the Ipswich squad at Loughborough University - not participating on the training ground but tapping the brains of some of the best nutritionists in world sport.

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“I was catching up on the latest developments relating to sport and learning all about the new ideas from the experts,” said Rieder.

“There are always new recipes to recommend, as we try to educate our players to avoid the fast food scene as much as possible.

“It is not just what they eat that is important.

“It is also knowing as much as possible about hygiene.

“If one player picks up a bug it could spread through the squad and possible decimate the manager's team for a vital game.”

Rieder, who provides a varied menu with plentiful options for the hospitality events he oversees at Portman Road throughout the week, is working with Town's physio Matt Byard.

“I work with Matt in developing all round fitness with the players' diet crucial to their general fitness,” added Rieder.

While Magilton and his coaches are educating the Blues playing staff with the best coaching methods, Rieder and his team are ensuring the squad receive the same first-class service at the table - and one that will make them hungry for success.

A BOOK has been published with the blessing of Ipswich Town aimed at educating youngsters on how to be fully prepared to play football.

Entitled 'Kids Football Fitness' the book has been written by Town's technical skills coach Steve Foley, fitness coach Simon Thadani and nutritionist Alison Byard - the wife of Blues physio Matt.

The book centres on soccer skills, condition and nutrition and is now on general sale at a cost of £15.99.