TRANSFER NEWS: Paul Jewell discourages Aston Villa interest in Aaron Cresswell but admits ‘every player has their price’

IPSWICH Town manager Paul Jewell has confirmed Aston Villa’s interest in defender Aaron Cresswell – and refused to rule out a sale at the right price.

Speaking after last night’s 2-0 pre-season friendly win at Cambridge United – in which Cresswell played the full 90 minutes – the Blues boss said: “I’ll tell you exactly how I see it and exactly what I’ve told Cressie.

“Chris Hutchings (Town assistant boss) spoke to Paul Lambert (Villa boss) yesterday because they are good pals and I asked him to ask about a player who used to play for a club he used to manage.

“He (Lambert) never mentioned Aaron, but I’m told that the club (Villa) have contacted us to see what Aaron’s situation is.

“The situation is this – we want to keep him at the football club, we don’t want to sell our best players, but every player – whoever that player is – has always got a price.

“We won’t encourage anyone to buy our players, but, like I say, someone could come in and makes an offer we can’t refuse.

“Until we get a bid though there’s nothing we can turn down.”

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He continued: “I just find it a bit strange that Paul (Lambert) spoke to Chris (Hutchings) yesterday and Aaron wasn’t mentioned.

“There is something in it though because their chief exec has contacted our chief exec about him.

“I’ve seen that there’s been fees mentioned in the press but, as far as I’m aware, the conversation was just ‘what is the situation on Cresswell?’

“Whatever happens has to be right for us.

“We’re more interested in building a squad than selling. I’ve called Aaron into my office to explain the situation and I don’t expect anything but 100 per cent attitude from him because he’s a top class lad.”