Volz defends former coach Coleman

MORITZ Volz is looking forward to a reunion with his old Fulham boss today and has defended Chris Coleman from accusations of being a poor coach.

Derek Davis

MORITZ Volz is looking forward to a reunion with his old Fulham boss today and has defended Chris Coleman from accusations of being a poor coach.

Former Blues midfielder Sylvain Legwinski was highly critical of Coleman's coaching methods after joining Ipswich from Fulham but Volz has a differing opinion.

He said: “Sylvain came in and had plenty of experience. He came in the finals stages of his career after seeing many different ways of working. In France I sure there is different coaching than you have here.

“I have now experienced three or four managers and none are the same in the way they work.

“I never had a problem with the way we were coached at Fulham while Chris was there in fact I enjoyed coaching sessions.

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“At Ipswich we play and train at a high intensity with plenty of football being played. We are encouraged to pass the ball and we work on our technique and for that you don't need rocket science but you just need a good set of footballs.

Volz joined the Cottagers from Arsenal and Coleman still has a high regard for the German defender.

Coleman said: “I signed Moritz from Arsenal when he was a kid and he has a fantastic engine. He played a lot of games at right back for me and did very well.

“The managers after me had different opinions and he's struggled to get a game with Fulham, but he's an excellent player, an absolute machine.

“A Premier League club contacted me about him in the summer because they were interested in taking him and wanted my opinion. I told them he's more than capable of playing in the Premier League.

“He's a gentleman, very good professional. I look forward to seeing him.”

The respect is mutual and Volz added: “I have very fond memories of that time. It was my break into professional football. Bearing in mind I had no experience of Premier League football but he put me in to the starting right back spot. That showed he had a lot of trust in me. I like to think I repaid that trust.

“I look back at the majority of time working with Chris Coleman as a very happy time.”

Volz admits his time with Ipswich is not producing the sort of results expected of them, but he is confident they are not far away from finding the consistency required to push them up the table.

He said: “It is below our own expectations as players. We are half way there. In recent games we have shown potential and very good football.

“What we are trying to achieve now is to do that on a more consistent level and string results together.

“Every time we get a win we are close to the play offs. It is often just one win from breaking into the play offs and everyone will be happy then.

“It is little things that we have to do better on a regular basis.”

Volz has signed from Fulham until the end of the season when he will be a free agent, but admits he has not decided on where his future lays.

He said: “It is nothing urgent. My focus is on the games as they come and for us to achieve what we set out to do.

“I'm here until the end of the season and that is it.”