Wright happy to work with Hollman

RICHARD Wright has dismissed suggestions he was not happy about the appointment of James Hollman as he wanted Malcolm Webster to get the goalkeepers' coaching job.

Derek Davis

RICHARD Wright has dismissed suggestions he was not happy about the appointment of James Hollman as he wanted Malcolm Webster to get the goalkeepers' coaching job.

Webster, who worked with Wright at Town before and more lately at Southampton, was among the candidates for the post after Andy Rhodes left but it was former Town academy team-mate Hollman who landed the role, promoting rumours Wright was unhappy.

He said: “That is rubbish. I'm delighted to be working with James.

“Malcolm Webster is like a father to me. Over the past month or so he has been especially fantastic. I have been phoning him virtually every day when I had a few doubts about what was going on, but he was brilliant.

“I'm disappointment Malcolm is not here but you have to look forward.

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“James speaks to Malcolm all the time, I speak to him all the time, and James is similar in many ways to Malcolm and we know each other very well.

“In a way we have a consultant on board with Malcolm and we can always talk to him.”

Wright had already made his mind up to join even before the coaching role was filled, and it was not a hard decision.

Wright revealed: “Contact was made and within two to three seconds of knowing Ipswich were interested that was it for me.

“I wanted to go out and play and at any level, and when Ipswich got in touch I was absolutely delighted.”

His resolve was such that other interested clubs soon got the message and left alone, while even Rob Green making his unhappiness at Upton Park public, it could not change Wright's mind.

Wright said: “I made it clear to everyone involved that once Ipswich were in for me I wanted to go there.

“By the time the Robert Green stuff came out I had spoken to Alan Curbishley so many times he knew my mind was made up.

“West Ham were really good. They weren't keen to let me go at first but after I spoke with the manager he understood and there was no animosity in me leaving at all.

“It was very good of Alan Curbishley because he was losing me and perhaps uncertainly with Rob. But Robert Green is a very good professional and they have a good bunch of keepers there who all work hard for a good goalkeeping coach.

I'm sure he will get his head down and get on with it.”

Manager Jim Magilton admitted he was running out of patience and may turn to another keeper, with Kelvin Davis top of his list, but after a few false starts a deal was eventually done - much to Wright's relief.

He said: “Living in Ipswich I kept picking up the paper and seeing they were lined with this keeper or that and it was a bit worrying. “But at the same time I was always kept informed about what was going on and assured I was the number one target and made to feel really wanted.

“I had no doubt in my mind it would come off but I was just hoping and praying everything would go through and I would get the green light.

“You can understand Jim looking at others, with two weeks to go to the beginning of the season you need a goalkeeper in but now it is done.”

Wright admits acting in haste repenting at leisure was the lesson learnt after last year's negotiations broke down.

He said: “I would like to have come last summer, but it was hard for the club at that period of time and it was the case where I should have been patient, but I found it hard to do that.

“Then West Ham showed a big interest unfortunately I was not patient and I chose to go to West Ham. Looking back - was it the right decision? I'm here now and I'm not going to worry about.

“It must have been hard for the manager and owner as it was frustrating for me.”

Although Wright has a two-year deal with an option of a third, he would be happy to see out his career at Portman Road in the long term if Town were in the Premier league. “My ambition is to be in the Premier League and I want to be with them. If my career goes on and with them then we will do that. I have a two-year deal and if I can carry on here beyond that then I hope I can.

“This club is in the right position to go on the up. I'm not saying it will be easy, because it will be a tough, tough season, but we have the people around the cub with the right leadership and we can go along way.”

Wright even has hopes of winning his England place back and David James' recall shows anything is possible, although he knows town would have to be back in the Premier League and there are half a dozen keepers ahead of him right now.

“If you look at David James and what he has achieved now then that gives you hope. You can never give up on your dreams. I played twice and they were great memories and I still believe in what I can do and in myself.”