Your chance to pick Roy Keane’s Ipswich Town side

THERE were no ‘winners’ from last weekend’s attempts to guess Roy Keane’s mind and predict that he would name an unchanged team for the game at Nottingham Forest.

Why not see if you can predict his line-up for tomorrow’s home game against Doncaster Rovers?

Send your e-mails to to be received no later than 1.45pm on Saturday.

David Wright appeared in any of the teams last week with a selection as follows:

Alex Lumley (Maldon): B Murphy, O’Connor, McAuley, Delaney, D Wright, Colback, Leadbitter, Norris, Walters, D Murphy, Wickham.

Phil Kindred: B Murphy, D Wright, McAuley, Delaney, O’Connor, Peters, Leadbitter, Norris, Colback,

Walters, D Murphy.

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Martin Swallow: B Murphy, D Wright, Delaney, McAuley, Peters, Walters, Norris, Leadbitter, Colback, D Murphy, Wickham.

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