'Ipswich fans have simply got to lower their expectations'

Fans at Portman Road ranked low for both banning orders and arrests Picture: MARK HEATH

Portman Road. - Credit: Archant

In another of Your Posts, Geoffrey Kelly says Town fans will need to lower their expectations.

I moved from Colchester to Ipswich many years ago and my friend Michael, who I worked with, suggested  I buy a season ticket to watch Ipswich Town.

I have got to say I loved it. Michael got a train to the station and we met in a local pub to have a couple of drinks before the match and off we would go and sit in the North Stand.

My seat was just behind Michael's and he introduced me to the people around me. They were really nice and the atmosphere was special.

Mark McGuinness, Luke Chambers and Oli Hawkins applaud fans after their 2-1 over Burton Albion.

Town players applaud the crowd after the recent win over Burton. Can Town get up this season? - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com

Being a newcomer, sometimes I found it quite amusing how as soon as the whistle was blown it was as though a switch had been turned on. If an Ipswich player committed a bad tackle, I often used to think it wasn't good, while  the rest of the North Stand wanted to string the referee up!

Some, not all, opposition goalkeepers suffered, let me say, a few 'choice' comments, as well a few of the other teams' forwards. Part of the day out!

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As soon as the final whistle went, everything and everyone returned to normal and quietly walked home without a murmur.

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I really enjoyed going to see Ipswich play as they were a  good team and enjoyed quality opposition. And the fans were great.

Ipswich Town fans at Portman Road - how long will it be before they return? Picture: PA

Ipswich Town fans are a great bunch - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

I had a ticket for three seasons before moving away, but even back then, I was aware that the club and the team were going into a slow decline.

Sadly, I was right.

I still look at the results every Saturday, but I never expect to see many positives, which is a shame. I feel sorry for the younger supporters and even the older ones who are missing out on seeing a quality team playing quality football.

I often read the various comments after the game in the EADT and I can read how passionate the writers are.

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Often I read criticism directed at the owner - does he listen? I think Paul Lambert has got skin as thick as a rhino so I don't think he will change.

Paul Lambert, in a downbeat mood during his post-match interviews at Plymouth Argyle, despite a 2-1 away win. Picture...

Can Paul Lambert lead Town out of League One? - Credit: Pagepix

It goes to show you just exactly how bad this league is that you can lose so many games, but you can still be near the top of it.

If by some miracle Ipswich did finish in the top six, just by their record alone having lost to so many teams above them I can’t see them suddenly going up.

Unfortunately the fans have simply got to lower their expectations.


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