Your Posts: 'If Lambert stays, the club is doomed. If he goes, I suspect it is still doomed!'

Fans at Portman Road ranked low for both banning orders and arrests Picture: MARK HEATH

Your Posts on Ipswich Town - Credit: Archant

In our series of 'Your Posts', MARK QUILLIAM says Ipswich Town will lose fans by the bucket-load at this rate. We welcome 'Your Posts'.

I have supported Town since the late 70s, although my dad's work took me away from the area aged 13 so was then based in the north-west where every kid supported either Man U or Liverpool - but I never shifted my allegiance.

I took so much stick!

Town fans celebrating at Portman Road. Packed scenes like this won't be seen for some time yet, but up to 4,000 spectators...

Are Town losing a generation of fans? - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

I love the club, like so many, but for the first time in my life I feel it wavering week by week. I fear we will lose fans by the bucket-load, especially young people who are not sure who to support as yet.

For the life of me I can't believe how Lambert is still in a job - any other club would have sacked him weeks, if not months ago.

The club feels so distant from the fans, it's so sad, seemingly no ambition and nothing to look forward.


FANS' thoughts: 'We need changes in almost every department'.

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From Down Under, in Perth, GLENN FOWLER gets a few things off his chest. We welcome 'Your Posts'.

I have lived in Perth, Australia since 1990 and, as an old North Stander, I am at a loss that it now seems to be acceptable that any club just comes to Portman Road and takes points off us.

I know my time in Ipswich was at a premium time for the club, but League One? Even the Championship must not be seen as an acceptable level for a club with our history.

Darren Ambrose and Matt Holland wearing the TXU Energi branded shirts. Picture: ARCHANT

Darren Ambrose, left and Matt Holland - wearing the Town badge with pride. - Credit: PA

When Town players put on that blue shirt they should pump their chest and pump the badge with passion and pride.

They should give so much they should hardly be able to walk off the pitch at the end of the game - and all that until we are back in the Premier League.


MATT GILL: 'Pressure is a privilege'

BRIAN PINNER remembers when Town were last mid-table in the third tier. We welcome 'Your Posts'.

When I started watching the Town in 1947, we were mid table in the third tire of English football with an elderly manager, Scott Duncan, who earlier in his career had managed Manchester United.

Things stagnated until a bright young manager called Alf Ramsey was recruited!

I assume Marcus Evans knows this.


Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert, will be hoping his side can get back to winning ways tonight. Pho

Town boss Paul Lambert. - Credit: PA

Whether Paul Lambert stays or goes, JEREMY WALKER, feels the club is doomed. We welcome 'Your Posts'.

The current prognosis for our football club is not good.

It is Paul Lambert's continuing, odd team selection which gets to me most.

Luke Chambers is still by far the best central defender we have but he never plays there. Playing one trundling centre forward up front when we are a goal down is bizarre.

Playing Freddie Sears out wide is ludicrous. It must be obvious to every single supporter that the best midfield is Judge, Nolan, Downes and Dozzell. But, not of course to Lambert.

If he stays, the club is doomed. If he goes, I suspect it is still doomed!


TEDDY BISHOP: 'Everyone is behind the boss'

JOHN FERGUS admits he was never convinced by Lambert as manager. We welcome 'Your Posts.'

After our loss to Peterborough, I expected Marcus to say enough is enough.

Having been a supporter for 40 years I have never been in the “fire and hire” camp but, notwithstanding the Blackpool result, I finally fell onto the “Lambert out” side of the fence.

I haven’t been convinced for a long time but as a supporter you always live in hope. This led me to pondering what must Marcus Evans be thinking having spent vast amounts of money on Town during his ownership and more importantly why hasn’t he acted?

There is no doubt he has invested in the youth and that is starting to bear fruit.

But right from the start I did not believe Lambert was the right man for that job. His managerial record isn't great, although to give him his due he has given youth a chance.

But its then fallen down with mixed messaging and ever changing tactics.

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert speaks to owner Marcus Evans and general manager Lee O'Neill befor

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert speaks to owner Marcus Evans and general manager Lee O'Neill before his Tuesday night's 0-0 draw at Oxford United. Photo: Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

So change the manager then? Not so easy given Lambert’s five-year contract. I don’t believe for a minute that there are no performance clauses in his contract to enable Evans to terminate at a no or low cost.

So why not terminate anyway and pay the price?

All this leaves our club in limbo until whatever happens, happens. So while we are still within theoretical striking distance of the play-offs, Evans soldiers on and all he and we can do is hope that we find some form from somewhere.


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