‘Don’t expect me to shake his hand’ – Lambert says he’ll snub Evans, even though Gillingham boss keen to make up

Steve Evans and Paul Lambert became embroiled in a war of words following Ipswich Town's recent 1-0

Steve Evans and Paul Lambert became embroiled in a war of words following Ipswich Town's recent 1-0 win at Gillingham. Photos: PA/PAGEPIX - Credit: Archant

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert says he’ll blank Gillingham counterpart Steve Evans throughout tonight’s EFL Trophy match at Portman Road.

Paul Lambert and Steve Evans getting animated during the second half at Gillingham. Photo: Pagepix

Paul Lambert and Steve Evans getting animated during a game at Gillingham. Photo: Pagepix - Credit: Pagepix

Lambert was left enraged when Evans refused to shake his hand following the Blues' recent 1-0 win at Priestfield and had to be held back by fitness coach Jim Henry during the final whistle fracas.

Evans claimed afterwards that Lambert had said 'something that would concern somebody on the street, let alone a football manager' as well as shouting 'you're rubbish, son' at young Gills debutant Jack Tucker.

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Lambert responded strongly, calling those allegations 'disgraceful' and 'a load of lies'. He added that 'the abuse coming from their bench was vile' and that, unlike Evans, he is 'a real Glasgow man'.

Asked how he felt the pair's reunion would go tonight, the Blues boss said: "I'm better reading fish and chip paper than (you) asking that. I'll give it the respect and the credence it deserves. That's it. I've got nothing to say."

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When asked whether he would shake Evans' hand, the reply was 'no'.

When asked if that meant he would simply blank Evans, the reply was 'yeah'.

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Gillingham manager Steve Evans. Photo: PA

Gillingham manager Steve Evans. Photo: PA - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

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Lambert added: "I'll never interact with him again after that. If that's the way he wants to work, nae problem, but don't expect me to shake his hand before and don't expect me to shake his hand after. Nobody has ever done that to me."

Meanwhile, Evans, unaware of his impending snub, says he is ready to make up and move on.

"Me and Paul normally have a good relationship," he said. "We both wanted to win the game so badly. Both of us went home that night and were probably disappointed.

"We will have a handshake before the game and probably have a glass of wine afterwards. We have done that before as managers.

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"He is passionate. He is a brilliant manager and he will take Ipswich back into the Championship, in one hit. He did it at Norwich and he will do it again. They will be a much better club in the Championship (as supposed to) with what he inherited."

On Lambert's comments about their respective upbringings, Evans said: "I don't know who is from the toughest area of Glasgow. In terms of hard upbringings, I say it is me, he says it is him!

"He said he is from Parkhead, which is two or three miles from Cambuslang, where I come from.

"I had my brothers' trousers and shoes and they did have holes in them. I am not sure he was at that level."

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