HMRC winding up petition made ‘in error’ say Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town have faced three winding up petitions from HMRC since the start of 2016. Photo: Steve W

Ipswich Town have faced three winding up petitions from HMRC since the start of 2016. Photo: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

A winding-up order against ‘Ipswich Town Stadium Company Ltd’ will be retracted by HM Revenues and Customs, the club have said.

The petition, which is due to be heard at the High Court on January 29, relates to a VAT charge which, the club claims, was paid last month.

Ipswich Town Football Club is made up of a group of companies - 'Ipswich Town Football Club Company Ltd', 'Ipswich Town PLC' and 'Ipswich Town Stadium Company'. The latter was set-up at the time of the building of Portman Road's two new stands in 2001 to deal with income from matchday tickets and other stadium use.

A club statement reads: "This is an error by HMRC which relates to a VAT charge that was paid in December. Our VAT group covers ITFC, Ipswich Town PLC and Ipswich Town Stadium Company. HMRC has confirmed that the petition was withdrawn for ITFC and Ipswich Town PLC, but they had not withdrawn the petition for the Stadium Company in error. They are retracting the petition from the court."

Ipswich Town were previously in similar situations relating to debts to HMRC in May 2019 and in February 2016.

Last May, officials said they were 'very disappointed' the club faced a hearing in the High Court over an 'unpaid debt' that had been settled six weeks prior.

In February 2016, Ian Milne, then managing director of the club, called a winding up order a 'storm in a tea cup'. He said: "Their automated process accelerated this action, despite the agreement for payment being made in early January. If they issue a court order, then the only way it can be dismissed is back in court."

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