Jake Roper takes win in Sudbury MCC hare and hounds race at Little Hadham

Jake Roper won the Sudbury MCC event

Jake Roper won the Sudbury MCC event - Credit: Archant

Young riders tackled a hour one hare and hounds race at the recent ACU Eastern Solo Enduro Championship at Little Hadham.

Georgia Potter in action. Picture: ANTHONY RIDGE

Georgia Potter in action. Picture: ANTHONY RIDGE - Credit: Archant

Promoted by Sudbury Motor Cycle Club, the event saw 12 young racers aged between 12 and 16-years-old pit their wits against each other.

The competitors had to run to their bikes at the start and first away was Jake Roper closely followed by half the field. Following Roper on the first lap were Max Brown, Joe Phillips and Doug Lote while further down Jemma Sargeant and Maisy Hockney were holding off Louis Dutton.

On lap two Roper opened up a big lead over Phillips, who had in the meantime passed Lote, Georgia Potter moved into fourth place while Dutton had moved up from 12th to fifth.

Following a little further behind were Max Brown, Will Belton, Evan Brown, Archie Gunton, Evan Herbert and Hockney.

On the next lap it was Phillips who was first round with a commanding lead over Roper who had struggled through the bog. Potter slipped past Lote with Dutton chasing hard, Belton was 6th, Brown 7th, Gunton 8th and Evan Brown 9th.

As the race progressed Roper was gaining on Phillips and just over the half hour it was neck and neck and on the next lap Roper regained the lead.

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For the rest of the time Roper kept extending his lead which was a good thing for him as he flipped his bike over in the bog and lost several seconds!

On the last few laps Phillips was gaining on Roper, who had decided to pace himself as he had a good lead to take the win while Dutton passed Potter for third.

All in all another successful event organised by the Sudbury Motor Clubs who would like to thank the parents for their help and assistance.

Results: 1st Jake Roper 18 laps, 2nd Joe Phillips 18 laps, 3rd Louis Dutton 17 laps, 4th Georgia Potter 17 laps, 5th Doug Lote 17 laps, 6th Archie Gunton 15 laps, 7th Max Brown 15 laps, 8th Will Belton 15 laps, 9th Evan Brown 13 laps, 10th Jemma Sargeant 11 laps, 11th Maisy Hockney 6 laps 12th Evan Herbert 6 laps.

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