Still going strong, James Easter admits enthusiasm for speedway still burns bright

Mildenhall co-promoter, James Easter.

Mildenhall co-promoter, James Easter. - Credit: Archant

Mildenhall Fen Tigers’ co-promoter James Easter admits his enthusiasm for speedway still burns bright.

The former boss of Travel Plus Tours, who has managed teams at the very highest levels of the sport, is preparing for another year of action, again at West Row, in the National League.

He couldn’t be happier.

“I’m still enthusiastic and I still get a buzz from speedway,” he said.

“I like the people, I like the racing. It’s a niche sport and I’ve got a lot of enjoyment out of it, and hopefully I’m putting plenty back.”

Easter has been an international team boss, as well as now currently helping out the Fen Tigers in the National League. He’s been there and got the t-shirt and knows his experience is more than useful.

“You can’t tell an international rider how to ride a bike, but you can get them organised,” he said.

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“And believe me some need a kick up the backside and some, just leave alone.

“At this level, in the National League, some need a bit of encouragement, pointing in the right direction.

“You are like a bit of a grandfather to them. I don’t know if that sounds right, but you know what I mean!”

At West Row this year the Fen Tigers are full of talented young up-and-coming stars, led by skipper Jordan Jenkins, who is just 16 – one of five teenagers in the squad.

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Easter is proud of the 1-7 boss Kevin Jolly and he have put together.

“We wanted to encourage youngsters this year to Mildenhall,” he said.

“And we have done that. It was hard to lose Dan Halsey, Connor Mountain and Jon Armstrong, but Dan wasn’t sure if he was riding, Connor wanted to move up a league, and rightly so, while the averages didn’t help us with Jon.

“But we must have turned around 14 or 15 riders, especially young lads, who wanted to race for us this season. That says it all.

“We will work hard behind the scenes, so the team can just go on the track and worry about the opposition and beating them. We will worry about the rest of it.”

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